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How Well Does A Tuft And Needle Mattress Work On A Murphy Bed?

by Steven Brown
How Well Does A Tuft And Needle Mattress Work On A Murphy Bed?

A murphy bed can make the most of a small space, but finding the right mattress to go with it can be not easy. Tuft and Needle mattresses are made up of foam layers that are supportive and comfortable yet light and easy to move around. A tuft and needle mattress can be an excellent choice if you have or plan on having a murphy bed or other similar sized platform bed in your bedroom. Here’s how well they work together

How Tuft & Needle Beds Work

Tuft & Needle is known for their innovative designs, with models that can support various sleeping styles. Tuft & Needle beds are made in the USA from eco-friendly materials. One of their most popular models is the Tuft & Needle Mattress, which is available in three different firmness levels to suit your personal preference. A standard size Tuft & Needle Mattress measures 76 inches x 40 inches x 8 inches, making it suitable for use with most Murphy beds. 

It will fit perfectly within the dimensions of a standard Murphy Bed without any additional accessories needed. It also offers flexibility in terms of positioning, as you can choose to fold up or down one side at a time if you want to get more space out of your bedroom.

The folding mechanism used by most Murphy beds is generally not strong enough to support heavier mattresses such as the Tuft & Needle Mattress, so be sure you have something sturdy (like an IKEA EKTORP) when setting up your new bed. It may also help if you put some cloth or padding between the bottom frame and the top mattress before placing the foam pad on top – this will prevent creaking when turning over during sleep.

Tuft & Needle Mattresses and Regular Beds

Murphy beds are great for smaller spaces, but that doesn’t mean you’re without options. Here’s how to get the most out of your Tuft & Needle mattress in any bed.

-Tuft & Needle mattresses can be used in any bed, including regular beds, bunk beds, and lofted beds. -The best position for your Tuft & Needle is flat on the floor or vertically against a wall. -We recommend using our foam foundation underneath your Tuft & Needle for added support.

This Matter wanted the murphy bed

I was looking for a new mattress but wanted something that would not take up much space. After some research I found out about the Tuft & Needle Mattress. It has been designed to be extra thin so it can be used with a Murphy Bed without taking up too much space. This is great for those who live in small spaces or who don’t have the room to have their bedroom as one area of their home. I had always wondered how comfortable this type of mattress would feel and if I would sink too deeply into it (since there is less cushioning). It turns out that this design actually feels fantastic!

Final Thoughts

Tuft and needle mattresses are designed to be the perfect combination of firmness, breathability, cooling, and softness. The company’s site has quite a bit of information about the different types of mattresses they offer, but it can be difficult to tell which one is right for your needs without trying them out in person. It may help to have someone else there with you while you try out mattresses because they can help guide you toward the most appropriate one for your needs.

If this seems like something that might be too much work or if you’re looking for something quick-and-easy, then Tuft & Needle offers free shipping for both trial periods as well as replacements – so it may not hurt to take that first step!

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