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Is Shein A Genuine Company

by Steven Brown

Shein Dresses are you unsure whether, Clothing is a genuine company? This is my frank and unvarnished opinion of Shein. Their clothes quality, their attempt to purchase fraudulent Amazon evaluations from me, their delivery policies, and more are all discussed in detail…

Seeing some of the wonderful gear that my favorite Instagrammers were wearing, and then discovering that it was all under $20, is something I’ll never forget. Isn’t it amazing?! Right?! But, sadly, when something seems to be too good to be true, it almost always is.

This article is an honest review, and it will reveal whether or not, Shein Clothing is authentic and lives up to the social media hoopla that has surrounded her. I really should have written this piece years ago, since I have a LOT to say about they have Shein Free Trial Center, and I really should have done it sooner.

What Exactly Is Shein?

Shein Dresses, Clothing is a low-cost internet shop located in China that offers a wide range of products. But there have been rumblings about, Shein Clothing

perhaps establishing physical locations as well.

They provide fashionable apparel at very affordable pricing. Over the years, I’ve placed orders with them for apparel totaling more than $600.
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Shein And I Have A Long History Together.

Over the years, I’ve placed orders with them for apparel totaling more than $600. That sum, however, will not be paid in one go.

Using my emails, I was able to locate receipts from almost seven years ago, which I included with the most recent buy I made for the sake of this piece (which was in January of 2021 and cost me $180), as well as a recent purchase of $100 worth of workout clothes to put to the test (see below).

I’ve purchased a variety of items from, Shein Clothing throughout the years and most recently, including swimwear, swim coverups, dresses, skirts, shoes, pajamas, workout gear, handbags, shirts, undergarments, and outerwear.

When I Was Hunting For These Receipts,

I also discovered a pretty incriminating email from, which I had entirely forgotten about… (More on it in a moment.)

As a complete disclosure, Shein Clothing did give me free apparel when I first began blogging (I’ll go into more detail about that in this article as well), but I will specify if any of the clothing in this post was provided to me or whether it was purchased by me in the past. For the most part, I’ll be concentrating on clothes that I’ve purchased and paid for myself.

A Review Of Shein That Is Based On Personal Experience

Shein Dresses, Shipping is a shipping company based in Shein, China.

Shipping takes around 2 weeks on average. I’ve placed orders with them while traveling in the United States, Japan, Australia, and Russia. No matter where I went in the world, my purchase took roughly 2 weeks to arrive. 

In addition to an office and warehouse in Brunswick, NJ, Shein Dresses, Shein Clothing must also have a distribution center in the city, since I recall some of my shipments only taking a couple of days while I was living in New Jersey.

(It took precisely one week for it to get to me.)

Returns And Customer Service

Returns and Customer Service are two important aspects of running a successful business.

To be really honest, I’ve never had to return anything I’ve purchased from.

This is NOT since certain things had not worked out. It’s simply that dealing with Shein has been such a hassle that I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it. (This seems to be reflected in many Sitejabber evaluations as well.)

Whenever I place an order with Shein Dresses, Shein Clothing, I do so with the understanding that I will be stuck with whatever I choose. Whenever I find anything that doesn’t fit, I either sell it on Poshmark or donate it.

According To Shein’s Website, However, The Company’s Return Policy Is As Follows:

You must mail back and postmark your return parcels within 45 days of the date of purchase.

When you make your first return for any item, shipping is on us. You must mail your package using the shipping label they offer.

You also have the option of using your own shipping method and paying for the cost of shipping to get your return back of Shein Dresses, Shein Clothing.

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