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Kundalika, Igatpuri Camping with River Rafting

by Steven Brown
River rafting


Witness the magnific Kundalika River rafting, which is a neighbourhood excursion for those abiding in the vicinity of Pune and Mumbai. The high chute rafting destination is open 365 days of the time to excursionists, taking them through lush green timber covers and rich rice fields, completing the experience with the exhilaration of camping near Pune.

 Stay overnight to rest in Kundalika rafting camps where you can also set out to view the scenic spots, notorious at the position. The panoramic views expiring around the denes girding the swash offer an exemplary chance to rest in the stages of nature. The rafting exertion takes place between a stretch of 12 km, which are separated by two heads. River buoying at this point is generally veritably safe and secure, which is why indeed newcomers can come and witness the joy of water rafting at this spot. The instigative chute at this swash spot offer a fun- filled experience for a good two hours, during which time you’ll splurge in an adventure that’s hard to come by! 

Rafting is a high adrenaline sport of navigating a swash in an inflatable raft.However, head straight for swash kundalika in western Maharashtra which is open for the sport throughout the time, If you ever get into a mood for some good swash buoying adventure. River kundalika is fed by the redundant waters from the hydroelectric systems and heads, which makes swash kundalika immaculately suited for white water rafting, and other water- grounded adventure and rest conditioning. 


  •  Enjoy this thrilling Camping Experience while girdled by lush vegetables beside the Kundalika River. 
  •  Audacious conditioning similar as River Rafting, Kayaking, Bumper lifts, and Banana Boat Lifts are available. 
  •  decompress from the everyday commotion Hustle, and Bustle of the megacity at our lavish accommodation with swash rafting in Kundalika. 
  •  Sit around a warm campfire at your hutment along the Kundalika River and star- graze with your loved bones . 

Kundalika Rafting Camp 

 Maintaining all the environmental constraints, this rafting camp in Kolad offers a unique and odd experience to its callers. Offering luxury and comfortable canopies, this retreat in Kolad is located in a cropland fringed with cornucopia of mango and coconut groves.  Though it’s a submissive retreat, is the inversely popular among the non-vegetarians as well! During your stay in this camp, you can also carouse around with several immersing 

Things to do

  • Tandem Kayaking, River Crossing, 
  •  Night Trails 
  •  Camp Cookout & Campfire 

 The stylish time to go for Kundalika swash rafting is between the months of June to September. This is the region under the monsoon . Since buoying on the Kundalika River is dependent on the water that’s released from the near levee, the monsoon season plays a significant part in it. In addition to the gushing water with grade 2 to grade 4 currents, the monsoon season also brings along with it a fresh gleam, green verdure and affable rainfall, making the exertion indeed more instigative and delightful-filled.The swash is important calmer throughout the rest of the time and is perfect for amateur rafters 

 Things To Carry 

  •  Identity Proof 
  •  Water 2 litres 
  •  Floaters 
  •  Swimming Goggles( If wearing contact lenses) 
  •  Extra pair of clothes 
  •  Electoral powder/ Glaucon D 
  •  Personal Sanitary Kit
  •  particular care stuff, medicines which you require generally 

How to reach 

 By Air 

 The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the closest airport which is 125 KM from Kolad. get Kolad by taxi, bus, or train

By Road 

 The most favored way of reaching Kolad from popular Mumbai is either by self- drive car or by taxi. You can also board buses plying from Mumbai to Ratnagiri and get down at Kolad. 

 By Train 

 The Kolad Railway Station is connected to the Mumbai Central Station and all other main cities. The Kolad road line is part of the Konkan Railways, which offers stirring decor . 


  • All luggage must be packed in water proof/ plastic sturdy bags. 
  •  It’s obligatory that you follow the instructions of the experts on the raft at all times. 
  •  Wearing safety gear Similar as helmet and life jackets is mandatory while on the raft.
  •  In case of any medical condition, the preceptors guides must be informed previous to the launch of the activity. 
  • For those who wear specs, it’s judicious to wear it with a swatch.  
  •  Comfortable, light and close befitting clothes are suggested. Ethnical clothes similar as saree or salwar kameez may circumscribe movement. 
  • Water resistant shoes or floaters are a good for rafting. 
  •  Only those gadgets that are leakproof will be permitted on the raft.

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