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Making Music Important for Yourself

by gaurav gupta
Making Music Important for Yourself

When there is too much noise in the music industry, it can be hard to make yourself heard. Since the beginning, the world of music has always been such a competitive industry and it has become difficult for artists to navigate in an undefined path. Naturally, this makes it hard to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

The world has forced artists around the world to be the best of the best in the music industry, or you are going nowhere. It tells you that you need to be backed up by some of the most renowned record companies, make connections with the most prestigious names in the industry, and sell out to all the largest venues in the world. But in reality, there is no one who can advise you on how to be and act in the music industry.

The reason why we say the above statement is because we have seen proof of it – if you are aware of who TRAVIS is, then you would know just how different his lifestyle is when it comes to his work and beliefs within his professional and personal life.

TRAVIS holds a number of career roles – he is a musician, entrepreneur, engineer, graphic designer, songwriter, producer, and more. As an exceptional artist, he has spent many years creating rap music that goes in an opposite direction than most rap cliches. If you have heard a lot of rap music, you will find that it usually centres around the theme of drug dealing, tough upbringing, and a pessimistic view towards the government. TRAVIS, on the other hand, focuses his rap music on other themes. He supports the laws of the government, sobriety, privilege, and generation wealth, to name a few examples.

There is also the theme of relationships with women that are different in his rap music. Most rappers would glorify relationships from within the same race but TRAVIS embraces interracial relationships. This is largely due to the fact that he could share their aesthetics and character values despite coming from different racial backgrounds. Since he grew up in different environments and travelled to meet many different people throughout his journey, it further confirmed his thoughts on how people stubbornly stick to stereotypes when in reality, there are so many ways one can differentiate themselves and set them apart from the crowd.

The life experiences that TRAVIS has faced has contributed to his music, building his foundation that became the root of his originality. TRAVIS believes in making music important for yourself before any other. You need to believe in your work for it to be authentic and appreciated by the crowd. This is why TRAVIS has often rapped about controversial content in his music but has never been deplatformed from his positions. In some ways through his music, TRAVIS has been able to connect with his audience on an emotional level and serves as an inspiration for many aspiring musicians to stay true to their music roots – the heart of their artistry depends on it after all.

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