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Best Performances In The NBA Finals

by Steven Brown

The most famous play of Allen Iverson’s career culminated a historic performance in Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals. The renowned step-over, step-back, and crossover are all things that everyone can recall. The shot alone had everyone’s mouths on the floor with 48 seconds left in overtime, but the step-over is what made the moment immortal. Right in front of the Lakers bench, AI trampled over Lue while clenching his fists and giving him a full staredown. Just observe how the Lakers bench reacts to this by observing their expressions.

1st Half

Iverson had a 0-5 field goal start, yet he managed to score 12 points in the opening frame without making a single three-point shot or free throw. At this point, Kobe and Shaq had combined for just 9 points, but the Lakers were still ahead 22–23 thanks to Rick Fox, who scored 10 in the opening frame. In the second, Iverson scored 18 more points while committing 2 thefts. He now had 30 points during the half, giving the 76ers a 56-50 advantage. Iverson (30) still led Shaq and Kobe in scoring at the break (22). In the third, Iverson added 8 more points, including this incredible layup just above Shaq’s outstretched palms.

Remember that Iverson barely stands at 6 foot and weighs 165 pounds, whereas Shaq is 7’1″ and weighs 325 pounds. Shaq can be seen looking up in absolute disbelief in the third clip.

Second Half And Extra Time

The 76ers led 79-77 at the end of the third quarter. Both sides scored very little in the fourth quarter, with the 76ers getting 15 points and the Lakers scoring 17 to level the game at 94. Iverson contributed just three of the 76ers’ 15 points, but he made up for it in overtime.

Iverson scored all seven of his points in the final two minutes of overtime to take the lead in the game. With 1:45 remaining, the 76ers were behind by 3 (96-99). Ty Lue had no choice but to foul when Iverson ran down the floor after receiving an outlet pass. He made two free throws, putting the Lakers ahead 98-99. Following that possession, With 1:19 left, Iverson made a transition three-pointer to make it 101-99 76ers. 

As soon as the Lakers attempted to feed Shaq in the post, they turned the ball over. When Allen Iverson received the ball on the wing, the 76ers led 103-99 with 48 seconds remaining after the fabled crossover. Iverson led his team from a three-point deficit to a four-point lead in a minute by scoring 7 straight points. After coming back down, Kobe would make a great mid-range jump jumper and then shoot free throws. 76ers ultimately triumph 107–101.

Interview With Rachel Nichols Regarding Allen Iverson

Despite the fact that Iverson’s leaping over Ty Lue became a defining moment in NBA history, Iverson dislikes discussing it. In an interview from 2016 with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols (see it below), Iverson describes his friendship with Ty Lue. He observes how jokes are made and decides not to participate. “I didn’t even know I did it, I was just in the moment,” he confesses to her.

Allen Iverson discusses his favourite players and the NBA’s culture

Next month, Allen Iverson will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The former Philadelphia 76ers legend has been touring the country to reflect on his career and his influence on the sport’s culture. Iverson recently had a lengthy conversation with rapper Jadakiss in which they discussed a variety of subjects, including his list of the top five basketball players of all time.

The conversation eventually shifted to Iverson’s distinctive off-court approach and his influence on basketball culture.

Iverson States

Iverson stated, “I was just being myself. “Nothing was planned by me at all. I dressed and appeared the same as the guys I grew up with in my neighbourhood.”

Although players can no longer dress exactly like he did during his playing days, Iverson sees himself as a style pioneer for players like Westbrook who constantly push the envelope in their own particular ways. Iverson’s style was frequently mentioned as the reason the NBA implemented a dress code.


When questioned about having Leonard returning this season, Steve Ballmer couldn’t contain his excitement.

The Clippers owner yelled, “Come on, man!” in late June. “Not only is [Leonard] your finest player, but he’s also among the very best players in the entire world. That has me really excited. We’re crossing our fingers that everything continues to go according to plan while Kawhi is at work and in the gym.”

The Clippers will undoubtedly take every safety measure with regard to their star player. Since rupturing his right ACL in the fourth quarter of Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Utah Jazz on June 14, 2021, Leonard has been unable to play.

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