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Nutex health update provides growth strategy

by Steven Brown
Primary Care Physicians

Nutex health physician-led, technologically-enabled, integrate healthcare delivery system comprises 21 micro-hospitals spread across 8 states and primary care-focuse and risk-share physician networks. Today, the Company provides an update on the Company’s growth strategy.

Micro Hospitals:

  1. Two new micro-hospitals launched earlier in the year and have already started to generate no-cost cash flows.
  2. Two in November and one in December.
  3. 17 additional facilities are under construction or are in advanced planning stages.
  4. Nutex currently operates in eight states. The coming facilities will expand into 4 states that are not in operation, include Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Idaho, bringing the total number of states to 12.
  5. Nutex is currently looking into the possibility of developing additional micro-hospitals in new and existing states.

There is no guarantee that these facilities will be open or available within the expected timeframe.

Population Health Management:

  1. Nutex has created two new Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) in Houston and Miami. The Nutex IPAs are work on a contract with Primary Care Physicians and Specialists in addition to contract with manage care companies. After this process is complete, the IPAs will begin enrolling patients.
  2. Nutex is planning to create at minimum one other IPA by 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, where it operates two micro-hospitals.
  3. Nutex expects to launch 2-3 IPAs yearly in its existing micro-hospitals.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is no way to guarantee if IPAs will be operation by the expect time frame or if they will operate in any way.

Our success depend in part on the ability of our team to find and create thriv new markets and physician partners, payers, and patients. if we cannot effectively implement our growth strategies, there could be a negative effect on our cash flows, financial position, and the results of operations.

“We believe our technology-enabled integrate care model of micro hospitals with risk-bear physician networks wrapped around them is truly unique,” declared Warren Hosseinion, M.D., the President of Nutex Health.

Based in Houston, Texas, and founded in 2011, Nutex Health Inc. is a technology-enable, physician-led healthcare company with around 1500 employees across the country.

Its Hospital division currently operates and operates 21 facilities across eight states. The division operates and implements diverse health care systems that are innovative that include micro-hospitals as well as speciality hospitals and departments of outpatients in hospitals (HOPDs). Population Health Management division owns and manages provider networks, including Independent Physician Associations (IPAs). Our Management Services Organizations (MSOs) offer administrative, management, and support services to affiliated hospitals and physician associations. Our cloud-based, proprietary technology platform aggregates clinical. It claims information across various settings, information systems, sources, and locations to give a comprehensive view of providers and patients, allow us to provide better quality healthcare more efficient.

Safe Harbor:

Dr jay Feldman statements and other information contained in the press release are “forward-look statements” within the definition in the Federal Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995.

These risks and uncertainties include and are not limited to our ability to successfully integrate our previous operations within the combined entity to implement our strategy for growth, the economic environment dependent on management and stockholders’ dilution, the lack of capital.

Changes to the law or regulatory requirements, consequences of rapid growth on the Company and the capacity of management to adapt to the increasing demands for the products and services of the Company new technologies, the ability of the Company in a competitive environment, conflicts of interests in related-party transactions, issues concerning regulation protecting technology, the lack of industry standards, the consequences of competition, and the ability to the Company to access future financing. These factors can negatively impact the performance of the Company’s financials.

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