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Popular Diamond Ring Types Every Woman Must Know Of

by Steven Brown

You might or might not have a favorite style for a diamond engagement ring. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to know the top ring types that are trending. With enough insight, there is even a chance for you to have a ‘new’ favorite.


The Solitaire is just meant for the minimalist woman who prefers keeping things simple yet extremely elegant. With only a single diamond mounted on the ring, the solitaire is traditional, yet a classy type. Usually, they are made with slimmer bands so the stone stands out. It is like the whole point of a solitaire ring. However, you also find designs where the stone is guarded or framed with metal to give the stone another level of prominence.

Three Stone

The Three-stone diamond ring is the type that would be picked by women who, unlike the above, fancy a bit of bling and enjoy some flaunting. As the term implies, a three-stone diamond ring consists of three diamonds in a row. Often the middle one is of more prominence, meaning it is of a special cut or a larger size compared to the other two on either side. The cost of this ring will solely depend on how you customize the center.


The significant difference between a pave and the above is that it appears as more diamond and less metal. In addition to one prominent stone in the center. The ring is embedded with tiny diamonds along with its band, making it look like the entire ring is covered in stone. You can choose to have ethical diamonds on this ring if that’s what you are seeking for an engagement ring. Look up ‘ethical diamonds Melbourne’ to explore your options to get a gorgeous pave ring done.

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Halo Rings

A Halo ring incorporates a similar idea to the pave. However, the smaller diamonds in a Halo ring are placed around the central diamond which again is usually relatively larger, and not along with the metal band of the ring. In other words, the smaller diamonds outline the main stone to bring out extra brilliance and sparkle.

Vintage Diamond Ring

The vintage ring is the classic type that involves more intricate detail that strongly reflects flawless artisanship. Diamonds are not the only captivating element in these rings. But the detailed, minute carvings and workings are inspired by classic designs. Women opt for this type owing to its exclusivity and perhaps because the style looks like they are just meant for them.

Tension Set Rings

This is a modern design that is widely opted for by those who want to keep up with the trend. This ring is the type that is likely to involve ‘a little bit of work’ owing to its unique feature where a single diamond in the center is made to look unsupported, reflecting a ‘floating’ look. This means there is no guard or frame, nor does the stone appear to be mounted in any way. This look is achieved using special crafting techniques.

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