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Solismed VS Netsmart EMR: Which EMR is Right for Your Practice? 

by Steven Brown
Solismed vs. Netsmart: Which EMR is Right for Your Practice? 

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the choice of software is important. There are various options available, but two major players are Solismed and Netsmart. Both offer similar services with different features, so let’s examine what differentiates them. 

Solismed EMR Software:

Solismed is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for healthcare practices. It offers features like patient scheduling, medical billing, practice management, and more. It also provides access to valuable resources like clinical guidelines and educational materials. 

The platform allows users to collaborate in real time by providing secure messaging and file-sharing capabilities within the platform. Its user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This makes it ideal for small practices that don’t have much time or resources to dedicate to learning a new system. 

Solismed Features:

Customizable User Interface:

With a customizable user interface, practitioners can customize their dashboards, so they see what’s important to them. Additionally, users have access to templates that allow them to create new documents quickly. They can also efficiently update existing ones. 

Automated Task Management:

The task management system helps keep track of all tasks assigned within the practice. This includes scheduling appointments, managing treatment plans, tracking orders/prescriptions, and more! Additionally, it sends notifications when something needs attention from staff members or physicians. So, nothing falls through the cracks.  

Patient Portal Accessibility:

Patients can also take advantage of the patient portal. It allows them access to records such as treatment summaries, test results, prescription refills, and more! Additionally, it makes communication between provider & patient easier. With the ability to send secure messages and book appointments. 

Clinical Documentation:

Solismed EMR offers a comprehensive clinical documentation feature. It includes all relevant medical information for each patient chart. Such as allergies and medications, lab results, diagnoses and treatments, past medical history, and more! This allows practitioners to access a patient’s medical records quickly when needed. 

Solismed Pricing:

Solismed offers several different pricing plans to meet the needs of your practice.  

  • The Basic Plan includes core EMR features, patient engagement, and education tools. Along with practice management capabilities for $99 a month per provider. 
  • The Standard Plan offers added features such as access to clinical data insights and analytics. Also, secure messaging, SMS appointment reminders, and more. Pricing starts at $169 a month per provider. 
  • The Pro Plan is best suited for larger organizations as it provides access to advanced features. Such as integrated EHR/EMR systems, digital dictation, and coding shortcuts. Along with patient portals, billing & coding tools, etc. It is priced at $229 a month per provider. 
  • Custom plans are available for larger organizations with specialized needs. 

You can also access the Solismed demo to make an informed decision about its purchase. 

Solismed Reviews:

According to the reviews, Solismed EMR provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive suite of tools. Also, with features designed to simplify medical processes and make life easier for both doctors and patients alike. It offers a customizable user interface for automated task management. The patient portal enhances the accessibility to clinical documentation. With the help of such features, healthcare providers can manage their practice better. While increasing patient satisfaction and delivering quality care. 

Netsmart EMR Software:

Netsmart EMR is a comprehensive system that provides tools for clinical documentation. It also provides patient engagement, analytics and reporting, population health management, telehealth solutions, payment processing solutions, and more. It also offers advanced security measures such as data encryption and authentication protocols. To keep sensitive information safe from unauthorized access or tampering. In addition, it provides access to powerful analytics tools to help users gain insights into their practice’s performance. 

Netsmart Features:

Behavioral Health Tools:

Netsmart EMR’s fully-featured set of behavioral health products can supplement various fractured systems. As populations become more aware of their mental and behavioral health needs. They include basic features such as notes, charting, and coding. Also, some advanced features, such as psychiatric care and case coordination.  

Psychiatric Notes:

The software system includes preformatted psychiatric and behavioral health notes. It assists practitioners with better treating their clients. 

Case Coordination:

Netsmart is designed to help behavioral health specialists, particularly caseworkers. It includes tools for keeping track of clients. Also, for managing budgets and storing critical clinical documentation. 

Outcome Tracking:

Netsmart allows you to track key outcomes related to patient health, scheduling, and billing. This provides you with a high-level view of your practice.  

Netsmart Pricing:

The pricing model for Netsmart EMR is based on a pay-as-you-go system. It offers three different pricing tiers. Basic, advanced, and enterprise, so there is an option for any size organization. All packages come with unlimited storage and unlimited users. So, there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or usage caps. 

You can also try out the Netsmart demo before making a purchase decision. 

Netsmart Reviews:

According to the reviews, Netsmart EMR offers a mobile-friendly design. It offers easy integration with third-party apps, which makes it an ideal choice. For healthcare providers looking to increase efficiency and improve patient care. Additionally, its secure cloud-based platform ensures data security and accessibility from anywhere. 

Solismed vs. Netsmart—Final Thoughts:

Solismed is designed primarily for smaller practices. While Netsmart EMR caters to larger enterprises or organizations with multiple locations or providers. Moreover, Netsmart EMR offers more complex features, such as analytics tools. It makes it better suited for large organizations with complex needs. Solismed EMR’s simpler approach makes it better suited for smaller practices. The practices that want an easy-to-use platform without too many bells and whistles. 

Ultimately the software you decide on depends on your specific needs and practice size. If you’re looking for a simple solution that doesn’t require too much time spent learning how to use it, then Solismed may be the best option for you. However, if you need more comprehensive features like analytics tools, then Netsmart might be worth considering instead. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that both platforms provide high-quality services with flexible features. Both are tailored specifically for the healthcare industry. 

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