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The Best Selling Shoes By Snipes USA

by Steven Brown

After installing a solution that prioritizes the order in which web page features load, the rapidly expanding online sneaker retailer Snipes Shoes was able to reduce the amount of time it takes for pages to load by thirty percent and more than double its conversion rate.

Vice President Of Digital Operations

Vice President of Digital Operations Jenna Snipes Promo Code. The global outbreak of the coronavirus caused an unprecedented increase in web traffic to the website of the online shoe store SnipesUSA.com. Or, as the vice president of digital, Jenna Snipes, puts it, Snipes is tethered to an invisible rocket ship.

Sneaker Culture Is Thriving

Snipes Shoes claims that sneaker culture is currently thriving. In addition to selling footwear, Snipes carries a selection of cozy athletic gear that is perfect for people who prefer to work out in the comfort of their own homes.

Items Included At Snipes

These items include sweatshirts, sweatpants, and T-shirts. In addition to offering products in a product category that is in demand, Snipes increased the amount of money it spent on marketing at a time when many other clothes stores were cutting back on their spending. This made it possible for Snipes to gain consumers at a lower cost than is typical and resulted in very great returns on those investments, according to Snipes Shoes, who would not disclose any further information.

Snipes Has Signed Sponsorship Deals

Additionally, in the past year, Snipes Shoes has signed sponsorship deals with the basketball teams the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers, which have all contributed to an increase in both brand awareness and buzz. The hiring of well-known musical artist DJ Khaled as chief creative officer also occurred in this time period.

Purchase The Hottest Shoes

In addition, during the pandemic, many stores were closed, including the approximately 100 U.S. Snipes stores. As a result, customers who wanted to purchase the hottest shoes on the planet, such as limited releases of Air Jordans and Yeeyz shoes, were forced to make their purchases online, according to Snipes.

Invest In The Performance

According to snipes, the combination of all of these factors has driven the traffic to Snipes USA up by an average of 300% year over year throughout the past six months. Snipes USA is making investments in the speed of their website. Snipes Shoes is happy that the company made the decision to invest in the performance of its ecommerce site over the past year because it has resulted in more shoppers visiting the site.

Make Any Further Investments

This is especially relevant in light of the fact that SnipesUSA.com was debating whether or not to make any further investments in the old ecommerce platform it now uses because it is in the process of re-platforming to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform. Snipes Shoes adds that the situation forced them to choose between a rock and a hard place.

Most Successful Online Clothing

An analysis of the most successful online clothing shops in North America Contains over 30 charts, statistics on the top 242 garment retailers in the United States, the apparel businesses with the quickest growth, and trends in omnichannel, athleisure, sustainability, and sizing tools. Also included are data on the top apparel businesses.

Speed Is Still Very Critical

But until the new platform goes live, which might take anywhere from several months to over a year, Snipes Shoes  is still responsible for providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience. We had closed the door on most iterations of the present environment, knowing that we were going to throw it out, but speed was still very critical, says Snipes.

The Yottaa Technology

 We were going to toss it out. At a Salesforce Connections conference in June 2019, the shop discovered the performance optimization provider Yottaa. The retailer learnt that it could hook into Yottaa’s system right now and quickly integrate the Yottaa technology into its new platform when it is ready to launch it.

End Of September 2019

At the end of September 2019, following an implementation period that lasted around one month, Snipes conducted a test of the service that lasted for two months, observed immediate results, and then concluded the contract. According to Snipes Shoes, the page-loading speed of Snipes USA  fell by thirty percent both during the pilot and after the launch.

The Website’s Average Conversion

The website’s average conversion rate increased to approximately two percent, up from approximately one percent. According to what she has heard, the retailer is pleased with the outcomes. Snipes Shoes maintains that speed wins. There is such a strong link between the rate of conversion and the amount of speed. When you’re trying to prioritize and implement, it’s such an internal juggle between short-term and long-term wins.

Making An Immediate Impact

If you can implement something that makes an impact immediately, those are the ones that get immediately rushed to the top. If you can implement something that makes an impact over a longer period of time, those are the ones that get immediately rushed to the top. It just so happens that this is one of those things.

Majority Of Shop Owners

The majority of shop owners agree. According to a poll conducted by Digital Commerce 360 in February 2020 with 105 businesses, 44% of merchants stated that increasing the speed at which their websites loaded was key to increasing conversion rates.

Snipes USA Wants Product Photos

According to Snipes, one of the advantages of employing Yottaa is that it may prioritize items on a web page so that they load in a given sequence. This allows the website to load more quickly. For instance, Snipes Shoes  wants product photos to load first, followed by integrations that do not directly interact with customers, such as Google and Facebook monitoring pixels, which should load last.

Final Review Or Conclusion

 Alternately, it may give precedence to loading the content that is located at the top of the page and then proceed to load the content that requires the user to scroll down the page. Alternately, it might load a still image from a movie first, followed by the entirety of the video’s data. A customer will be able to view a page and begin engaging with it immediately in this manner, even if the page has not completely loaded.

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