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Things To Do In Fez You Won’t Want To Miss

by Steven Brown
Things To Do In Fez

A growing number of visitors are drawn to Morocco’s main cities by their cosmopolitan atmosphere and particularly rich history, both of which have the power to attract people of all ages. 

With its impressive architecture, long history, and storied intellectual legacy, the city of Fez justifiably earns its reputation as Morocco’s cultural epicenter. It’s worth noting that UNESCO officially recognized the city as a World Heritage site back in 1980. This shows how actively and creatively the city works to preserve its heritage and character. If you plan to visit Morocco anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, book royal air maroc reservations in any class and save up to 60% off on round trips on every flight. To assist you, take a look at the top things to do in Fez and pick from this list of amazing experiences in the scenic land!

The following are the most stunning tourist attractions in all of Morocco:

Leather and fur tanners

The leather tanners have a special place in the souks, and their shops are always bustling with customers drawn in by the tantalizing scents coming from their booths. Those who aren’t used to the smell could find it unpleasant. But as you leave the workshop, you’ll be offered a minty drink to (kind of) mask the smell. A difficult assignment necessitates study before it can be finished. Seek any old-fashioned tanneries you can in Fez.

Place central à la médina

Exploring the medina is a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience in and of itself because it is concealed from people who are in a hurry. You need to familiarise yourself with the market so that you can appreciate it, study the rules that govern it, and allow yourself to get swept away by the sights, smells, and sounds of the various stalls. Expect the unexpected at all times, and plan your trip accordingly. Among all the countries with a Muslim majority, the Medina of Fez in Morocco is the one that boasts the oldest university, thus it is no surprise that it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


You should know that the fondouk is a caravanserai, a type of building with two levels and a square courtyard designed specifically for caravans. The one in Fez is worth checking out because it is currently home to several other workshops.

The Mosque of Karaouiyne

It was founded in 859 A.D., making it the oldest institution of its kind in the Arab world. In spite of the fact that entry is denied to non-Muslims, the site is nonetheless held in high regard as a sacred place. Discover the building’s 270 columns and 24 doors that surround a central courtyard as you wander the building’s exterior.

Shoppers at the souks and bazaars

Even though the Fes souk has been around for hundreds of years, it appears to have undergone only minor changes over that time. This is what makes it so endearing, as it evokes an atmosphere from a bygone era. The souk in Fez is full of craftspeople who try to outdo one another with their unique designs and levels of skill when it comes to selling souvenirs like earthenware, ceramics, and jewelry. Changing your surroundings by visiting the dyers’ souk is strongly suggested.


A medersa is an Islamic boarding school that was originally established for the purpose of imparting knowledge of the Koran to its students. There are a lot of them in Fez, and they all seem to have the same status thanks to the ornaments they wear. In this case, the Attarine medersa (image) beside the Karaouiyne mosque is where you need to be. Those interested in Islamic art, particularly calligraphy, mosaics, and marquetry, will find it hard to believe that they are looking at a medersa that is among the most advanced in the Muslim world. 

Seffarine should be added

Numerous coppersmiths sell their wares here, including teapots, trays, and incense burners, in this plaza. Boilermakers, who forge vessels like kettles and jugs, also call this neighborhood home. Not to be underestimated as a skill.

These are the city gates that lead into and out of the medina

The Bab Bou Djeloud door is displayed, however, the Bab Dekatène door is also a valid entrance to the medina. The size of these two entrances is quite impressive. The other, larger gate is Bab Bou Djeloud, and it looks like a castle; it served as a courthouse in the Middle Ages. This gate is the official entrance to the medina. The main entrance to the medina is known as Bab Bou Djeloud.


Fez is a contemporary city, so it’s easy to find lodging and entertainment options. The city’s many preserved museums and ancient landmarks make it a wonderful vacation spot for history buffs, art enthusiasts, and anybody else with a thirst for knowledge So, what are you waiting for? Plan an International holiday with AirlinesMap and customize your trip for an enthralling holiday experience in this scenic land with your loved ones!

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