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Things to Know About Off-Campus Student Housing

by Steven Brown

Choosing your college is only one major decision when you graduate from high school. You also need to consider your major, if you’re ready for a major at all, or if you will begin with liberal arts. Finding living arrangements comes next. While living in a dorm may seem like the easiest solution, off-campus housing can enhance your experience.

You Can Eliminate Headaches that Come with All the Details

If you know anyone who has gone apartment hunting, the to-do list is pretty long. You need to get furniture, sign up for utilities, find an area to park or learn about public transit and line up a roommate. You can check off all of the items on that list when you choose off-campus student housing. Units are completely furnished, including a TV in a common area. The kitchen has everything you need when it comes to appliances. WIFI, water, and electricity are hooked up. A roommate will be selected for you through a screening process that does its best to pair individuals who are compatible. Parking is conveniently located for all student residents. You’ll also have access to transportation to the university if you don’t have your own vehicle. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

You May be Able to Bring Your Pet

If you are considering student housing in Akron, Ohio, a pet-friendly apartment may be at the top of your list. While most private apartments do not allow pets on their rental property, you can find student housing that will accommodate pets. If pets are allowed, your pets will need to be accepted. You’ll have to pay an initial fee for bringing a pet. You’ll also be expected to pay an additional fee each month for your housing agreement. The number of pets will be limited. You’ll be responsible for any damage that is caused by your pet in your apartment. The joy your pet brings to you may far outweigh any additional costs that come with it.

You Will Have Access to Many Amenities

Opting for student housing that is off-campus will offer you a long list of amenities. Your private bedroom and your own bathroom could top the list for you. A washer and dryer in your apartment mean you can skip the time and expense of going to a laundromat. You won’t have to worry about searching for someone to do any repairs. An emergency maintenance staff is on call. You’ll have much more room than you would in a dormitory. When you step outside your apartment, you’ll be able to enjoy other benefits that will make you feel like you are at a resort. Tanning beds and a pool could be waiting for you.

A fitness center is open around the clock whenever you feel like working up a sweat or letting off steam. You can cook out or head to a game area. Student housing is designed with your needs in mind. A whole world is waiting for you to help you make meaningful connections while you are away from home. You can have your privacy when you want it. When you’re ready to mingle, plenty of opportunities are knocking on your door.

You Only Have to Worry About Your Own Portion of the Rent

Renting a private apartment with someone else means you could be left holding the bag if your roommate skips out. Off-campus housing agreements are made with each individual in your unit. You will know what your monthly installment is when you sign your housing agreement. You don’t have to take care of anyone else but yourself. If you choose an apartment with more roommates, your monthly housing costs will drop considerably. However, the higher cost of living on your own may be worth it to you if you enjoy your solitude.

Where you live in college is up to you. Take the reins as you begin your quest for the best student experience. You have the opportunity to make an informed decision as you commit to student housing for four or more years. Choose a living space that makes your heart smile in the best location for you.

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