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Things to Know Before You Buy Ruby

by Steven Brown

Rubies are one of the most admired antique jewelries and it is also amongst the most durable gemstones. For years, people have valued and treasured them. Rubies are the perfect gemstones to wear every day due to their vibrant color, strength, resilience, relevance, and symbolism. This extremely precious gemstone has a very special place in the field of astrology. Authentic Ruby stones are of great quality and constitute to be one of the most expensive gemstones.

Ruby is a powerful gemstone with a rich cultural history. For these and other excellent reasons, it is referred to as “the king of gemstones.” The desire for this jewel, nevertheless, comes at a cost, and for very numerous reasons. Due to its rarity and the difficulty in locating real Rubies, the price of ruby stone is quite high, and purchasing this priceless gem can be a little tricky. To prevent any duplication, customers must keep a few things in mind when purchasing a Ruby Stone.

  • Colour:

The primary consideration while purchasing Ruby is its color. Before purchasing the gemstone, it is necessary to evaluate the various shades of Rubies. You must be aware that there are a few secondary colors, including pink, purple, and orange. The most authentic and costly type of red is also said to be an original Ruby stone. Pigeon blood Rubies are the rarest and the most expensive type of Ruby since they have no secondary colors.

Using GIA grade color, real and legitimate Rubies can be distinguished in the simplest method possible. Ruby could be effectively recognized on the basis of color, intensity, and tone. These characteristics make it easier for consumers to distinguish natural Ruby stones from counterfeit Rubies. We at Navratan are your most reliable gemstone online, check our website to know more.

  • Shape:

Rubies are incredibly attractive despite their relatively small size. Less than one or two-carat Rubies are typically seen in tiny sizes, and they may be made in a variety of shapes as well. The larger Rubies are difficult to find and are extremely costly.

  • Flaws:

Due to the rarity of Rubies, few inclusions are noticeable. These are tiny gas traces and bubbles that show up in the stone as streaks or cracks. If no minute imperfections are found, you must closely inspect the Ruby once more to ensure its authenticity. Occasionally, flaws can give a Ruby a star-like appearance, this is known as an asterism. It makes it more valuable than other Rubies and commands a higher price. It is extremely expensive and difficult to find Real Ruby stones with no or few imperfections.

  • Enhancements

Various kinds of embellishments are made into gemstones in order to give them a shine. Rubies are no different. Some of the frequent treatments Ruby has seen include heating, glass-filling, and flux healing. These procedures are authorized, and they are applied to stones like Rubies to enhance their attractiveness. This is not of any worry and is safe to invest in. We at Navratan, the online gem bazaar can help you find the right gemstone, talk to one of our professionals today.

  • Hardness:

Original Manik Stone has exceptional endurance and resilience and rates a 9 on Moh’s scale for hardness. This quality makes it a very prominent gemstone and a great option for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry that one can wear daily.

Before you buy Ruby Stone:

It’s crucial for the precious gemstone to suit the person, regardless of how appealing it may appear to be. If a Ruby is the right gemstone for you, it can change your life for the better, but if it is the wrong stone, it may have the opposite impact. Always seek astrological advice before purchasing a Ruby. Ruby stones are suggested by astrologers after birth chart analysis.

Make sure you purchase this exquisite gemstone from a reputable and trustworthy store before getting your hands on it. Navratan is a leading supplier of genuine, and 100% real gemstones and gemstone jewelry. At Navratan, we adhere to a strict selection process for gemstones and include authentic SSEF, GRS, GIA, and Gubelin lab certifications with each gemstone. You can browse our extensive selection of certified Ruby gemstones, check our website to buy gemstones online.

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