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Thinning Scissors For Hair

by Steven Brown

Using hair thinning scissors is a great way to get rid of a lot of extra volume in your hair. Stylists use thinning (also known as layering, texturing, or chunking) scissors to make thick hair much easier to manage. These scissors are also great for adding texture to hairstyles and layering it. Many hairstylists advise people with thick hair to balance out the body of their styles by using these scissors.

The appearance of thinning scissors is quite distinct from that of standard cutting scissors. First and foremost, the blades are uniquely shaped. These blades have edges that are sharp, serrated, or “toothy” so that hair thinning scissors is simple without changing the style too much. Some pairs of thinning scissors can remove up to 50% of the bulk in a single cut because the teeth allow you to remove the bulk with fewer cuts without changing the style. To be able to do this, you need a good pair of thinning shears.

The performance of the blade and the amount of bulk that you want to be removed determine its type and size. Depending on the kind of work that they are used for, each kind of hair thinning scissors can be used to cut in a variety of thicknesses, and some can remove more bulk than others.

Additionally, hair thinning scissors are excellent at layering and blending to eliminate the spiky or choppy appearance of freshly cut hair. Thinning shears are great for thick hair because they can control the extra volume, making the hair much easier to manage. Thinning shears should not be used if the hair is cut is thin. Thin hair necessitates as much volume as possible, and thinning scissors only serve to make the hair appear even thinner and more slender.

To get good results with hair thinning scissors, you need to use the right pair of scissors and practice using them. If you don’t, you’ll just end up with an altered style or too many layers.

Because you’ll be using these hair thinning scissors all the time, you should always think about ease of use, comfort, and functionality when choosing a pair for yourself. A pair of thinning shears that work well for you at work is like choosing a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

The Saki Katana model is an excellent pair of hair thinning scissors with smooth cutting edges and sharp serrated edges.

Kristy is a full-time writer for Saffrons and a professional stylist with five salons. Saffron sells the best-selling Texturizing Shears by Saki Katana, the best curling irons, and the best hair dryers. Same-day shipping is available for orders over $75.

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