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Ways Blockchain Game Development is Disrupting Traditional Game Development

by Steven Brown

Blockchain technology is taking over the world and shaping the future. It has entered all fields of life, including finance, health, and gaming. Recently, blockchain technology has become an essential part of the gaming industry. Like all other industries, blockchain is now revolutionizing the traditional gaming industry in many ways. 

The involvement of blockchain technology has expanded the industry and disrupted the development of traditional games. If you are interested in game development in the blockchain era, you must learn what it is and how it changes the traditional development of games. 

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What Is Blockchain Technology?

It is a decentralized digital ledger for those who need to become more familiar with blockchain technology. This chain records all the transactions ever made. This provides significant transparency yet to be seen in the gaming industry.

What Is Blockchain Gaming?

Monetization is significant in modern gaming, and blockchain has given developers an alternate method to monetize their games; for instance, the players in blockchain games can own the different features of the games, such as the currency within the games or other collectibles that have always been in the hold of the game developers. 

These in-game goodies are then given out to the players, who can choose what they want to do with them. These players can do whatever they want with their digital assets within the game. Because of blockchain technology, the players own their digital assets rather than the game developers. They can choose to either exchange or transfer their digital assets to get bitcoins from the other players within the game. This can be done through the game itself or with the help of a third-party marketplace. 

The blockchain gaming experience is unique and unfamiliar to most gamers. They have complete ownership, and this makes the gamers feel empowered. The users can also do exciting things, such as designing their characters and other items, without any involvement from the game owners. 

How Does Blockchain Technology Impact Traditional Game Development? 

Blockchain technology has caused a ripple effect in the traditional game industry, and there are many things that the future of blockchain technology holds for traditional game development. Here are some ways blockchain technology has impacted the development of traditional games. 

Higher Security 

 Blockchain technology has a very powerful data encryption technology, for example, the private key-public key that is used to secure the transaction of crypto tokens. This makes the blockchain immensely safer, and hackers will not be able to find a way in or destroy a single decentralized block, as no single server exists on its own. 

Asset Ownership 

In traditional games, the players did not have complete ownership of their in-game purchases, and they could not move these purchases where ever they wanted. However, with the help of blockchain technology, you can now completely own your in-game purchases, and you can also use smart contracts to make any transactions you want. There is no way anyone else can modify the ownership of the in-game assets you have. 

Secure Payments 

Gaming is an industry that unites the world. Therefore, the chances of fraudulent payments are high. Blockchain combats this concern by providing safe payment options where all the transactions are registered. These transactions are also validated using blockchain technology. Many of these games also use native crypto tokens for their payments. These tokens are very practical and beneficial as they are extremely secure and make for a good investment. 

Player Autonomy 

Blockchain has given players a lot of control over these games. Since blockchain is decentralized, the community can control it, and that gives the players a choice to choose from different updates, features, and what next they want in the game. 

Enhances Transparency 

Blockchain technology increases the involvement of the players and increases transparency between the players and the game itself. The players can participate in the game management, and if they have a request, they can demand the owner of the game to make the changes and implement them. This is not commonly seen in traditional games and is one of the biggest changes in the traditional games industry. 

Challenges Of Blockchain Technology In Gaming 

While there are benefits to blockchain technology taking over the gaming world, there are also many challenges that come with it. 

Lack Of Awareness 

Despite its ever-growing popularity, there are still many people who are completely unaware of what blockchain technology is and how it works. This unawareness makes the players unwilling to try out games that feature blockchain technology. This disrupts the attention blockchain technology games should get otherwise. 

Expensive Transaction 

There is a high fee for every transaction in the blockchain. It can even cost up to a billion to make a single transaction. No matter how simple your game is or how few transactions you need, it is still bound to be more expensive than traditional games. The users may end up spending a lot of money with every move they make in a game. 

Difficult To Scale 

For the success of a game, it is essential for you to be able to scale it. Scaling blockchain games can be very difficult as there are a lot of transactions involved, and it may even cost a lot more than traditional games to scale it. 

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