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What are the requirements for sports companies such as broadcasters?

by Steven Brown

First of all, why should you choose diffusion? Aside from athletes, broadcasting has the prestige of being one of the most sought after sports companies. In fact, there are over 200 applications for a single opening in the sports media industry in the United States alone. If you want to do agency work, there are several ways to do it:

Try narrowing your search for sports courts.

  1.  Do you want to be in front of the camera as a solo announcer? Or would you accept other support roles (including writers, videographers, and control room staff)? You may not find the sports jobs you are looking for, but the industry is large enough to accommodate a large number of people.

It helps to know your qualifications for sports jobs.

 Is it relatively comfortable to look at? Look at the TV companies currently working in the industry – does any of them look ugly (or at least disgusting?) Second, do you have above average knowledge of any area of ​​the 스포츠중계? A broadcaster doesn’t just read statistics from a teleprompter. You may need to make informed, knowledgeable comments about the sport (or sport) you need to cover. The most reputable broadcasters are considered authorities on at least one sports field. Third, do you write well? A TV station needs good writing skills, as you may also be asked to write your own sports reports. Fourth, a TV station should not speak in an abusive manner that looks bad on TV. When you’re on the radio, you may not have to look very good, but you do have to speak very well.

3. Are you willing to send a demo tape (audio and video combined) to potential employers so they can see your performance? It’s like preparing for the real thing, but the advantage is that you can always come up with an idea if you (or the person helping you) aren’t happy with a shot. If the recruiter likes your group, then it’s number 4.

4. Do you have the courage (and the skills) to take a real broadcasting exam?

 That means standing in front of the camera in a reality TV studio or behind the microphone in a broadcast studio so people who can hire you can see how you perform under pressure. Keep in mind that there may not be a second chance if you miss this opportunity, so take advantage of it.

5. What is the price you want?

Typically, beginners don’t get paid as much as experienced publishers as they do in any other industry. You can do your research in trade journals and magazines, although the most experienced may not be willing to barely explain to a candidate what they are getting. While unlikely, there are instances where publications can reveal actual numbers that apply to real people in the industry. Be patient and ask around.

If you think you have what it takes to be a great streamer, go ahead! But if you think you’re better suited for other sports, look instead and reduce stress.

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