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What Type of Clothes Should Women Wear During Umrah?

by Steven Brown
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Umrah is a short pilgrimage that every Muslim can perform at any time in the year except the month of Dhul Hajj. Performing Umrah has some specifications and regulations that Muslims must follow in order to attain the maximum rewards of Allah Almighty. In order to perform Umrah with a number of facilities and services, Muslims must take note of choosing Umrah packages 2023. With the help of these packages, Muslims can have the opportunity to hire a guide who will help them know about significant rules to consider before performing Umrah. Specifically, women are obligated to follow some restrictions that are set by Allah Almighty while executing the Holy deed such as:

Variations on the Ihram Clothing

You will have to don the Ihram garment more than once during your Hajj pilgrimage. You should be prepared with at least a couple of Ihram garments. Since white is such a light hue, ladies should select a heavy cloth for their Ihram so that their bodies are not shown in direct sunlight. Wearing something substantial to protect your body is a good idea. The cloth you choose should be lightweight and airy.

Pick A Cloth with Different Textures

Because of the large number of pilgrims, the already oppressive heat in Saudi Arabia will seem much worse. Your only option is an Ihram, a garment constructed of a variety of materials. A pristine fabric will make you feel suffocated and exhausted in the sunshine.

Don’t Wear Any Dark Colors

Wearing black will cause you to appear warmer than you really are because of the color’s high absorption of light. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable. It’s recommended that you wear a casual dress with long sleeves and trousers or socks in light colors so that you can easily perform the rituals with complete focus. Choose a full-body white Hijab and wear it as long as possible.

Wearing Simple Cotton Garments

Don’t waste your time going from store to store in a strange country seeking an appropriate wardrobe. It is best to dress simply in a cotton mix clothing since this will allow your skin to breathe better than other fabrics. Covering oneself from head to toe with heavy clothing will make it difficult to breathe. A Hijab that falls just below the waist is probably the most versatile option. Wearing a white scarf cap can help you keep your hairstyle maintained and save you from having to redo it every day.

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