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Why is Flutter the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development?

by Pratik Kanada
Why is Flutter the Next Big Thing in Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app is costly, we cannot argue with this fact. Also, the debate of which platform is better Android or iOS is also never-ending. But, flutter is the answer to all these queries. Flutter app development helps develop one single application that works on both the leading platforms. It helps save time, save resources, save costs, and hence become the future of mobile application development.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

1) Rapid App Development

Flutter is cross-platform which gives it the ability to use the same code for both iOS and Android. This will cut back on the time needed to develop the mobile application. Well, this does not necessarily mean that the development time will be half but definitely lesser than developing a native application. Not just that, the time needed in developing and launching an update and maintaining the app will also be less as compared to native app development.

2) Simple User Interface

Just like the code, UI design for the Android and iOS platforms also remains the same if you opt for Flutter app development. The designer will not have to worry about compatibility. Designers can have two options to choose from, they can either entirely reinvent the UX by using the combined features of Android and iOS or they can go for the material design principles with some minor changes for every platform with the help of Flutter.

3) Maintenance Simplified

With Flutter, the maintenance of two separate applications is reduced to just one. After the app is developed properly and launched in the app stores, the focus is entirely shifted to making it better by bug fixing or resolving users’ issues. Priority shifts to fixing existing features instead of adding new ones. Once the existing features work perfectly and there is no negative feedback from the user’s end, you can then think about rolling out a new update with the latest features. Mobile app development company have to hire and assign developers to maintain the app, but not when the app is developed using Flutter. In the case of Flutter, the software is able to care for the application on its own.

4) Multiple Device Compatibility

The layout system in Flutter and the declarative nature of the framework make it easier for the Flutter developers to write codes and fit views to various screen dimensions. Also, creating animation is also fluid compared to native. Flutter platform can run web apps as well as desktop apps along with native mobile apps. Apple has also launched SwiftUI, a framework to write a better user interface. This framework makes it easy and simple to create UI for iOS apps. The code will also be portable enough for iPadOS and macOS as well.

5) Code Compilation

Flutter code is compiled when the application is developed for native components. This framework negates the use of a JavaScript engine for communicating with native components or the use of a web view to showcase the content. Code written with Flutter is directly drawn on the system canvas. This provides the mobile application an added benefit.

Wrapping Up

 Flutter is becoming popular with each passing day. If you are on the verge of building a mobile app and confused about what platform to pick, the benefits will surely help you make the right choice. You can also book a free consultation with the Flutter app development company and gain more insight into your project. 

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