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5 Best NGO Volunteering Opportunities in India

by Steven Brown
Volunteering in India

Locating volunteering opportunities in India is a common pursuit for both domestic and international students. You feel precious when you know you can benefit another person. By volunteering in India, you promise to put in time and effort for the good of a group, a cause, the environment, and people. It is about being kind, charitable, and serving others. It allows civilisations to lend a hand to one another without asking for anything in return. People who have a giving and compassionate heart should volunteer.

India offers several options for volunteering, emphasising combating poverty, enhancing education, empowering women, lessening COVID-19’s adverse effects on the nation, etc. Here are the five best NGO volunteering opportunities in India where you may volunteer to accomplish incredible work. 

Top Five NGOs for Volunteering Opportunities in India

Save the Children

India’s top independent child rights NGO, Save the Children, operates in 16 states. By March 2022, they will have transformed the lives of more than 12.4 million children since they started their mission in 2004 when they were registered as “Bal Raksha Bharat.” They collaborate with several government bodies, civil society organisations, and community members while overseeing numerous projects across India. Their five main focus areas are health and nutrition, education, child protection, humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction, and child poverty.

Smile Foundation

The Smile Foundation catalyzes long-lasting transformation in the lives of disadvantaged children, young people, and women. This NGO, which has its headquarters in New Delhi, wants to provide a bright future for its members by delivering universal education that may convert kids into valuable resources and establish the groundwork for nation-building.

Sankalp Voluntary Organisation

The Sankalp Voluntary Organisation was founded in India to improve the world. Volunteers are welcome to apply if they want to serve in India for non-profit organizations that will enhance society. As a responsible traveller to India, you may help orphanages, schools, and small towns with improved childcare and boost education via volunteer opportunities with Sankalp. By actively assisting individuals via volunteering opportunities that provide poor communities with the possibility for a new beginning and a better future, the organisation seeks to have the most impact.


There are around 100 million elder people in India, but not a single venue where they may experience love in their final years. This idea prompted Samson Daniel and Jackson Cole to create HelpAge India in 1978. It is now a significant charity platform in India that supports older people in need and has emerged as the voice of India’s senior citizens. It operates in 23 states, offering medical care, programmes to fight poverty, and ways to generate money for elderly adults in both urban and rural areas of India.

Care India 

Care India’s non-profit organisation works to increase community capacity so that marginalised women and girls can be empowered. Their long-term and comprehensive health, livelihood, education, and disaster relief & resilience initiatives offer creative answers to complex development issues. They use internal knowledge, a robust network of relationships, and access to the global confederation of experts to provide solutions at scale to various stakeholders.

You obtain more than you contribute when you volunteer. Your experience of volunteering in India will open your eyes to a world of opportunities and benefit you. Don’t you think these justifications are sufficient for you to begin your volunteer work? So why are you holding out? Save The Children is working towards a nation where its children live a secure life full of opportunities for growth and development. Presently, they have 65 projects running across 18 states of India, where they could reach a total of 10.37 lakh children in 2020. Volunteer with Save The Children right away!

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