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7 Halloween marketing tips to promote your online clothing store

by Zeeshan Khan
7 Halloween marketing tips to promote your online clothing store

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your online clothing store. When the festival is rolling around, people are on the lookout for clothes which they can wear at parties and include in their costume ideas. So, you need to make sure you give them what you want in the best way possible. Utilize the following Halloween marketing tips to really make your online clothing store successful right at the start of the holiday season.

Create Halloween themed collateral

You should create Halloween posters and flyers to put up online. Design these using the templates on PosterMyWall, so that you can make these without having to worry about composition etc. Simply customize the templates according to your needs and write up some appealing content to attract customers.

Share these posters on your social media pages, and encourage people to share them around as well. If you have any collections or discounts coming up for Halloween, make sure you create special posters and flyers to let your customers know.

Launch a Halloween collection

Ideally, you should have a Halloween collection planned for your online store. This should keep in account ongoing trends, classic Halloween designs, and some specially designed items as well. Market these products at least a few weeks before the occasion, so that people buy parts of their Halloween outfits from your store.

You can even launch costume collections, as long as they fit in with your brand ethos. In addition, curate a number of accessories to go along with the clothes as well, so people can even build complete costumes from your collection. Take inspiration from Halloween movies, lore, and current fads to build this collection to really make this collection successful.  

Change up your website

While you may not have a physical store to put up Halloween displays in, you can replicate the experience on your website. Change up the banner and some other visual aspects of your online store to reflect the theme. In addition, add a tab for your Halloween collection on the website.

Play around with the theme of your website and also make sure an announcement related to your Halloween collection is displayed prominently on the home page as well. You can even add in little monster or pumpkin illustrations here and there, and encourage people to find them to avail special promo codes for Halloween. 

Run a costume photo contest

You can have your customers send in photos using your clothes for their Halloween outfits or costumes. Then, you can have a photo contest where you can decide the winner based on audience voting. Host this contest on your social media platforms, so that people can interact with the photos, like, and comment on them.

Build hype around this contest when you launch your Halloween campaign, so that people are driven to buy your clothes for the occasion and take photos in them. 

Build a social media campaign

Run a proper social media campaign leading up to Halloween. Utilize all your platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Announce your Halloween collection, contests, and deals on these pages, and also run polls for your audience related to the occasion.

You should also share your posters and flyers on these platforms, and post regularly on your social media pages. Make sure your social media team is responsive and reply to messages and comments. Build hype around Halloween by engaging with your audience and leaning heavily into the spooky theme with your tone and words used as well.

Offer special Halloween-only deals

Seasonal discounts are really helpful when you want to get sales volume up. When you’re running your Halloween marketing campaign, add a few special deals and discounts to incentivize customers. In addition, offer up suggestions for Halloween outfits or costumes using your products, and sell the items as a complete outfit. These complete outfits should cost a bit less than they would as individual pieces, so that people end up buying the whole thing. Highlight all these deals and discounts across your marketing, so that your customers know you’re offering them something special.

Launch an email campaign

A Halloween email campaign is necessary for promoting your online clothing store. Utilize the halloween email templates on PosterMyWall to build a campaign from start to finish. Edit your current email templates to add a Halloween flair to them and highlight relevant products. In addition, offer tips and advice on how to dress up for Halloween, with links to your clothes as well.

Your email campaign should also offer exclusive discounts or promo codes, so that more people open your emails. Run this campaign on the email marketing tool on PosterMyWall, so that you have everything in one place, from your emails to your lists and performance tracking. 

In conclusion, there are numerous ways you can promote your online clothing store for Halloween. These methods are not too hard to implement, so you can start planning now.

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