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Best Car Buying Guide for UAE Residents

by Steven Brown
Best Car Buying Guide for UAE Residents

Buying a car in the United Arab Emirates can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidelines, you can find new car price in Dubai, United Arab Emirates without much hassle. Online portal offers you some useful tips on how to buy new cars for sale in Dubai without too much stress and at the best price. Much luck!


The obvious first step in buying the car of your dreams is figuring out your needs, your likes and dislikes. Focus more on functionality than additional features. Find out what type of car you need, how many passengers it will carry, and what features (e.g. navigation) are required before you start looking for a car.


Knowing your budget allows you to filter the options accordingly, saving you time and only seeing cars in Dubai, UAE that you can realistically afford. Instead of getting distracted by great cars and falling for the arguments of shady salespeople, focus on what your budget allows.


Check out cars that suit your needs at various dealerships in Dubai. Also try big dealer locations like Al Awir. If you are not ready to deal with agents and do not have time to visit different places, take a look at cars online or in newspaper ads. Remember that buying new cars for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from a dealer represents a premium of 25 to 30 percent compared to buying directly from the owner.


Even if it was love at first sight, don’t make the mistake of skipping inspection. Be sure to check the exterior, interior, engine, tires and brakes with the help of a certified mechanic. Always test drive the car and pay attention to other factors such as comfort, noise level, the functionality of various components and unusual noises.


Make sure the car is under warranty and review service records, major repairs and accident history to make an informed decision. It also helps you figure out if the car is worth buying and may allow you to negotiate a lower price, which brings us to the next clue.


Even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, haggling can have some cost benefits as the price of the car is always up for debate. Also, avoid unnecessary merchant add-ons to reduce costs. Make an offer based on the average price you found through research and use researched facts to support your argument.


Once you’ve agreed on a suitable price, seal the deal by reserving the car through a deposit or deposit. This is usually done without paperwork, but make sure you have written information about the conditions under which the deposit is recoverable (e.g. if the condition of the car changes or the bank declines your loan application).


Cash transactions may be the easiest, but they are not always possible. In some cases, you may need to arrange financing to pay the rest of the cost. Before signing any documents, make sure you fully understand the process and terms. Arranging the financing can take a few weeks, so inform the seller in advance.


As we mentioned before, you should always consider depreciation when calculating new car price in Dubai.

As soon as you buy a car and put a few 100 km on the clock, the value of the vehicle goes down.

In general, a vehicle that costs less to acquire will depreciate more slowly in value compared to more expensive trips.

Here is a list of slower depreciation vehicles in the UAE;

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Ford

There are cars that are not obsolete, but they are quite expensive even when new. These are typically hypercars, enthusiast cars, and cars with small or limited production runs.


Once you have made the decision to buy new cars for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you need to complete the necessary paperwork. The final step in closing the deal is transferring the car into your name. Have all relevant documents ready before visiting the RTA office. You will need Emirates ID, a copy of your driving license, passport or resident visa and insurance documentation. ServiceMarket can help you get free insurance quotes from leading car insurance companies in Dubai.

Still feeling overwhelmed? With the help of an online portal, you can avoid the hassle of buying new cars for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Let the professionals handle the A to Z process on your behalf while you sit back and relax. Buying a car in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has never been easier! Have fun switching!


In principle, anyone aged 18 or over (the legal driving age in the UAE) and in possession of a driving license can buy a car in the UAE. If you are learning to drive in the country, you must pass a driving test in your emirate to obtain a full license.

If you are from any of the 43 eligible countries for driver’s license transfer, you can exchange your driver’s license to one of the UAE without having to pass a local driving test. Otherwise, you will have to repeat your test in your emirate of residence to obtain a license.

In addition to a valid driving license from one of the seven emirates, you must present your residence visa, a copy of your passport and the Emirates ID card when buying a car. Specifically, the emirate should be the same on your residency visa, driver’s license, car registration number and number plate.


It has become more common to use the internet to find new car price in Dubai. But like anywhere, when you find a car online, it’s wise to see a car and give it a test drive before you buy it. Most dealer websites allow you to book a test drive or make inquiries online, but do not have online shopping functionality.

At the top end of the car market, UAE buyers can pre-order a car online to import from anywhere in the world via the manufacturer’s website. However, given the large number of luxury car dealerships in the country, it is usually easier and less bureaucratic to contact them by phone, online or in person to order a premium car.

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