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VSI Study Pattern to Complete the CA Inter Syllabus in 7 Months

by Steven Brown
CA Inter Syllabus

You must be soring high with your CA foundation results! Congratulations and welcome to the second level of the Chartered Accountancy course, known as CA intermediate. You will have seven to eight months following your Foundation exam to finish the CA Inter syllabus and sit for the exams. It may seem difficult to finish the syllabus for eight CA Intermediate subjects in seven months with good revision. But it is feasible with the right study strategy.

To reduce this fear and create a happy and stress-free environment for the CA students, VSI follows an amazing study pattern which will help students complete the CA Inter syllabus in 7 months that too with overall practice and revision and pass with flying colours in CA Intermediate result.

Unlike the CA foundation, CA Inter is divided into 2 groups and involves in-depth knowledge and practice of numerical, concepts and theories. Now, let us check how the VSI study pattern will help you in covering the CA Inter Syllabus in just 7 months. 

VSI Study Pattern to Complete the CA Inter Syllabus

Check out the sure success study pattern of the VSI Jaipur Institute that will help you in completing the CA Inter Syllabus and get the best result: 

 Jaipur CentreOther than Jaipur CentreOnline Classes (Study at your Home)Expected Role in CA Results
(i) ClassesFace to faceRecordedRecorded10%
(ii) Mock TestConductedConductedConducted40%
(iii) Personalized GuidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

1. Classes 

In general, it is believed that the classes and faculties connected to the coaching play a significant part in the CA Intermediate Results. However, according to VSI, only about 10% of the CA outcomes are affected by courses. Therefore, VSI coaching classes are fully exam-oriented and don’t waste students’ time in entertainment.

VSI follows the ABC Analysis technique for sure success in CA intermediate examination, which is explained below: 

A. Chapters with frequently asked questions that cover less syllabus

B. Remaining Chapters which are less important

C. Chapters with rarely asked questions

Thus this analysis helps in covering CA Inter Syllabus in sufficient time giving more time for revisions and mock test papers.

2. Mock Tests 

We understand the importance of mock tests, and so our carefully designed tests help students in achieving great heights. Mock tests help students in assessing their weaker sections. Further mock tests help students in time management because of which they can attempt complete papers during the examination. Not only do these mock tests help students understand where they stand but they also tell how can they cross the success line. Therefore VSI gives so much importance to the mock tests.

3. Personalized Guidance

Students can gather the concept from anywhere but what makes them stand out is the proper guidance. We know that all aspirants are not equal and their understanding level can differ. This is why VSI provides personalized guidance. There are counsellors appointed for students. These counsellors follow the performance of the students and assist them in performing better.

This all-around study pattern of VSI Jaipur has helped the students study stress-free and achieve new heights everywhere.

God helps those who help themselves. So efforts of VSI combined with students’ efforts can help in giving excellent results. To complete the syllabus of CA Inter and pass the examination with flying colours, hard work is a must. 

With such a low passing percentage for CA Inter, students must work very hard and must be very disciplined if they want to clear with a single-digit rank. VSI is known for its reputation for giving rank holders every year and providing guidance to its students to attain success in the examination. 

Ever highest marks secured by VSI students CA Course

CA Inter Group 1 Subjects: 

Paper and subjects Marks distribution
Paper 1 Accounting100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Laws, Ethics and CommunicationBusiness Laws (30 marks) Company Law (30 Marks)Ethics (20 Marks)Communication (20 Marks)
Paper 3 Cost Accounting and Financial ManagementCost Accounting (50 Marks) Financial Management (50 Marks)
Paper 4 TaxationDirect Tax (50 Marks) Indirect Tax (50 Marks)

CA Inter Group – 2 Subjects:

Paper and subjects Marks distribution
Paper 5 Advanced AccountingAdvanced Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper 6 Auditing and AssuranceAuditing and Assurance (100 Marks)
Paper 7 Information Technology and Strategic ManagementInformation Technology (50 Marks) Strategic Management (50 Marks)

CA Inter Preparation Strategy of the Toppers

1. Defined Hours of Study

Completing the CA Inter syllabus in one go is a tough nut to crack and so it is essential to devote at least 10-12 hours of study time. It is always the quality of study that matters, and it varies from student to student. But a minimum of 10 hours a day is a must for CA students.

2. Solving Past Year Papers

It is always essential to solve the past year’s papers while preparing for any exam. As such, the first step in preparing for CA inter is to download the last year’s paper and go through them thoroughly. This will help students in understanding the pattern of the examination. Once a student knows what topics he needs to focus on more and how to approach a question, he is already on the winning side.

3. Prepare and Follow a CA Intermediate Study Plan

If you plan and execute your plans properly, then you can achieve anything. So VSI designed a strict study plan combined with regular classes, mock tests and personal one-on-one guidance. Students are advised to prepare their own CA Intermediate study plan following the VSI schedule and follow the same with complete dedication. A good timetable provides proper guidance, and so time table must be prepared to keep the VSI schedule in mind.

4. Make Your Own Notes 

Students are advised to write down whatever is taught to them in class and make special keynotes for themselves. Since CA exams do not come with many gaps so students must prepare short and crisp notes which can be used during the examination for quick revisions. The more you revise, the more you become familiar with the concepts and theories. For practical subjects, practice is the key. Solve as many numerical as you can and make short notes for formulas so that you can glance at them before the examination.

Always remember to make short notes along with the regular studies.

5. Revision is the key

Whatever you study once becomes useless until and unless revised multiple times. Students must make sure that they revise their study material and mock tests multiple times before the examination.

6. Practice Mock Tests Regularly

Students often think that solving past year’s papers is sufficient. But this is not the case. Solving past year papers is important and must be clubbed with solving the latest mock test papers. CA is a very dynamic exam and as such solving mock test papers with updated rules and notification is necessary.

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Learn from the best

With VSI’s three-step sure success formula of classes, mock tests and Personal guidance, you can achieve your dream rank. So why wait!! Enrol today and come closer to your dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

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