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Custom Hair System for Men

by Steven Brown
Hair system

If you’re a man who wants to enhance the volume of his hair, a top-of-head wig may be the perfect solution. Top-of-head wigs are commonly known as toupees, and are available in a wide variety of base materials. Poly skin is one popular option. The wear time of toupees varies, depending on the base material and attachment method.
Hybrid Skin with Lace Front

A new type of full-style polyurethane base is used in the HPH Hybrid Skin with Lace Front custom male hair system. Single-strand hairs are knotted into the lace base to create the appearance of your own hair growing out of your scalp. The PU base is soft and contours to your scalp, while the lace front is replaceable for a more natural look. Hybrid Skin with Lace Front has optional ventilation holes, allowing you to change the look of your hairstyle.

Skin and lace are both popular materials for hair systems

they both have their benefits. The benefits of each are highlighted by the different types of lace and skin materials. A skin hair system has a longer bond period than a lace front, enabling most clients to keep the system for a long period of time without worrying about its maintenance. Skin hair systems also offer full head bonds. A full head bond is when an adhesive is coated over the entire area of hair loss. This bond is very strong, and it can last for up to four weeks.

Dermal Lens

The Dermal Lens for custom hair system for men is a non-surgical, non-invasive solution that mimics the scalp, giving a full head of hair. This transparent, pliable surface adheres flat to the scalp and replicates hair type, texture, color, and style. It is not removable, so the patient can continue with their daily routine as usual. The results are instant. Men can feel and see their new hair almost instantly.

The Dermal Lens Hair Replacement System is an advanced solution for men who want to hide their hair loss from society. Unlike wigs and acetate hair pieces, this system blends seamlessly with your own hair. This system can be worn by both men and women, and will cover thinning hair from a variety of causes. It is comfortable, and the men who use it feel that the new hair is part of their own hair.


In early to mid-twenties, most men start to lose their hair. This is due to medical treatments, male pattern baldness, or alopecia totalis. No matter the cause, men often struggle to regrow their hair. There are a variety of hair growth treatments and hair systems available, but many fail to offer permanent results. Diamond Hair System is a nonsurgical hair replacement option for men that is made to look like natural hair. Moreover, the procedure can be performed in less than two hours.
Full Cap

A full cap hair system for men is a great way to replace the hair you’ve lost. It mimics the natural look of hair growing from the scalp. Men can get any hairstyle they want and can dye the system to match their existing hair. It can even cover bald spots and create an undetectable hairline. Men who have thinning hair can wear a full cap hair system every day and look great while doing it.

The base of a full cap hair system for men

fit the head of the wearer. The hair around the perimeter of the system should be longer than the rest of the head, as it covers the connection between the real hair and the base material. This is also true for full caps and oversize hair systems. There are several factors to consider before choosing a hair system. Make sure you buy one with the right base size and hair length.


The advantages of a Cyberhair custom hair system for men are numerous. The material mimics the natural hair texture, and has twice the durability of human hair. Cyberhair is also lightweight, and can be manipulated easily. Men love that the system is comfortable to wear, and it can even be used when the convertible top is down. Cyberhair is comfortable for sleeping and swimming and it absorbs water like human hair. Men also find it comfortable to swim in, and the hair system is completely safe for swimming and sauna use.

The colour range for Cyberhair is virtually unlimited, and it can achieve natural-looking, graduated roots. The pieces should be cut by a qualified technician, as if they are cut incorrectly, the Cyberhair may not perform the desired function. For best results, Cyberhair should be rinsed frequently and protected with 444 Final Protection. Do not dry the system with a towel, as the moisture could cause it to break. Instead, wipe it off with a friction-free, absorbent towel. Before going in chlorinated water, it should be s

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