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Facebook Account Hacked? How to Restore it!!

by Williumson
facebook account hacked

Facebook is a widely used platform used by users. Since there are so many users active on Facebook it is possible that the users have a chance of getting their accounts hacked and this is why there are many users who are looking for how to recover hacked Facebook account without email which they will get to know in this blog. 

There are methods the users can use for this purpose so let us begin to know about these methods which they can use when they are confirmed that their account is blocked they can use these methods to go for Facebook account hacked how to recover

Method no. 1 – Reset the password of the mobile 

  • First, the user needs to open Facebook, and then the users will see a login page in front of them. 
  • Here from the login page, the users are supposed to click on the need help button after which the users need to press on forgot password on this page. 
  • After the users have pressed forgot password the users need to fill in the email address or the phone number which is associated with their account to fix the Facebook account hacked and locked
  • After filling it the users need to press on search button which is there on the screen following which the users need to select an account for recovery either via email or by SMS. 
  • The users have to open the email or the SMS of the account and then fill that code in the text box which is given on the screen for the users. 
  • After filling in the code the users are just supposed to press on continue button and then the users need to set a new password for their account so that they can use it. 

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Method no. 2 – Reporting the hacked account to Facebook for the users 

To get Facebook hacked recovery the users need to open the page of Facebook hacked account and then they have to press on my account is compromised button. 

After filling in the details which have been asked from the users on the page and then following this users need to select a reason why they are reporting for the same so that they can further click on the continue button. 

After this, the users will get the users will see that Facebook will contact them in a few days and will try to resolve the issue for them which they are facing with Facebook.

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