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Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories

by M Asim

Electric scooters are popular nowadays! They’re affordable and planet-friendly. But there’s more to this electric scooter than just the ride. The right accessories can really take your commute to the next level – make it smoother, safer, and more your style.

This guide will explore some must-have accessories that every EV two wheeler scooter owner should consider investing in. These accessories will protect both the rider and the scooter itself while also making rides more convenient and comfortable.

Safety accessories for electric scooters

The main concern for riders of electric two-wheeler scooters should always be safety. Even though electric scooters are far safer than motorcycles, tragedies can still occur. The frequency and severity of injuries can be decreased with the use of safety gear and preventative accessories.


Helmets might seem inconvenient, but wearing a helmet is essential anytime you ride an electric scooter. In the event of an accident or fall, a helmet protects the head and brain from traumatic injuries. It is legally required to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter in India.


Electric scooter reflectors improve visibility for both the riders themselves and other vehicles sharing the road. Bright reflectors on the wheels, handlebars, baseboard, and even the helmet stand out clearly at night, preventing dangerous collisions after dark. Adding extra reflector strips provides an additional visibility boost.

Convenience Accessories

While safety gear prevents injuries, convenience accessories aim to make every electric scooter ride more pleasant and user-friendly. These accessories enhance comfort, storage capacity, and the overall functionality of electric scooters.

Baskets and Racks

One major convenience limitation of electric scooters is minimal storage space. While convenient for transporting people, their small frames leave little room to carry cargo. Baskets and racks mounted over the back wheel provide ample space to haul items.

For small loads like groceries or takeout food, rear-mounted wire baskets offer lightweight storage. Heavier items can be carried on luggage racks, often made of durable metal. Certain racks even include bungee cords for securing larger loads.

Phone Mounts

Electric scooter phone mounts allow riders to follow GPS navigation or stream music hands-free. The mounts attach to the stem or handlebars, then grip phones securely using spring-loaded arms and soft rubber pads that prevent scratches. Waterproof phone mounts shield devices from rain as well.

Tips for Choosing Accessories

Purchasing the appropriate equipment to improve safety, storage, visibility, and comfort is made much easier with this list of the most essential accessories. When you shop, have the following tips in mind:

  • Carefully measure your scooter before purchasing accessories to ensure proper fitting
  • Opt for durability – this equipment sees heavy use and needs lasting quality
  • Ensure brackets, clamps, and straps won’t slip or damage scooter parts
  • Select lightweight options that don’t reduce performance substantially
  • Check government laws – some locales prohibit certain accessories
  • Read reviews and stick to reputable top brands for reliability
  • Balance cost and quality based on frequency of use


The safety gear, storage solutions, visibility enhancers, and comfort-boosting accessories covered in this guide take electric scooters to the next level. Protecting yourself and improving convenience and functionality while also customising your scooter’s look is all possible with the wide range of aftermarket accessories now available. Use this breakdown of the most essential options to decide which ones fit your budget, needs, and riding style.

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