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Tips for Customizing and Upgrading Your Electric Scooter

by M Asim

Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters or electric scooters, are gaining popularity as an eco-friendly and convenient way to get around. With some simple customisations and upgrades, you can personalise your electric scooter and improve its performance and functionality. This blog provides tips on customising the look of your electric scooty, upgrading components like the motor and battery, and important safety considerations when modifying your ride.

Customising Your Electric Scooter

Personalise Your Ride

Use stickers, decals, paints and wraps to customise the look of your scooter according to your taste. These are easy DIY modifications that allow you to stand out. Choose colours, patterns and designs that reflect your personality.

Add Custom Accessories

Installing a cup holder, phone mount, storage basket, or Bluetooth speakers can make your e-scooter more functional and comfortable to ride. Make sure to get accessories made specifically for electric scooters to ensure proper fit and safety.

Install Custom Lighting

LED lights allow you to ride safely at night and give your scooter a stylish glow. Waterproof LED strip lights are easy to install under the deck. Custom handlebar lights and wheel lights amp up the visual appeal.

Upgrading Your Electric Scooter

Upgrade the Motor

Installing a more powerful motor increases torque, speed and incline-handling capacity. This improves acceleration and the ability to ride uphill. Be sure to get a motor compatible with your scooter’s battery and electrical systems.

Increase the Battery Capacity

Upgrading to a battery with higher voltage and amp hours extends your ride range before needing to recharge. Higher power batteries also provide more consistent speed and performance as they drain.

Improve Braking and Suspension

Upgrading mechanical and hydraulic brake callipers and levers gives more responsive, reliable braking power. Installing suspension forks helps smooth out bumps and vibration for improved comfort.

Safety Considerations for Customisations

When modifying your e-scooter, be sure to:

  • Use equipment designed for electric scooters specifically
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines and weight limits
  • Check local regulations on modifications and riding
  • Test thoroughly in safe areas before regular use
  • Charge batteries properly and check connections
  • Inspect repairs, replacements and upgrades regularly for safety

Customising your electric scooter allows you to tailor it to match your style and needs. With some creativity and the right components, you can improve the form and function of your e-scoot ride. Just be sure to keep safety as a priority during any modifications. With thoughtful upgrades and personal flair added, your e-scooter will give you improved performance and let your personality shine through.


Electric scooters provide a fun way to zip around while reducing environmental impact. With simple customisations like graphics and lights, you can personalise the aesthetic. For improved speed, range and handling, consider motor, battery and braking upgrades using equipment designed specifically for e-scooters. Safety should be the top priority when modifying your ride. Follow guidelines and inspect repairs and replacements routinely. Customising your electric scooter allows you to boost functionality and show off your unique style.

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