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From The World In Idea: How To Decorate A Bathroom On A Budget

by Faisal Sheikh
From The World In Idea

When designing a bathroom, homeowners around the world are asking the same questions. What if there is too little space? How to beat the space if there is too much space? How to simply and inexpensively decorate a bathroom of any size and at the same time make the decor functional? In different countries, answers to these questions are found in unexpected and bold solutions. We invite you to take note of the bathroom wall art ideas of our colleagues from all over the world.

Sweden: You Deserve the Throne

Jokes of dubious quality about the similarity of the restroom to the throne room, it turns out, can inspire the creation of a whimsical interior. And this can be arranged both with the help of a professional designer and with your own hands. This Swedish project is an example of how to work with a spacious bathroom. Firstly, everything here is extremely functional, and secondly, a bright chair, unexpected for a laconic space, explodes the space with color.

USA: Emphasis on the sink

When designing a bathroom, the last thing we think about is that you can decorate not only walls and shelves, but also plumbing fixtures – say, buy a painted sink. In the US or Europe, one could look for such in an antique store or at a flea market, as the mistress of a vintage house in New York did.

Italy: looking for a place for girls’ jewelry

Do not say that you do not leave clothes and jewelry in the bathroom, we still won’t believe you. Do you or your family members have luxurious long hair that needs to be pacified with headbands and barrettes? In order not to lose accessories throughout the apartment, get a separate hanger for them in the bathroom. It is not necessary to use the usual hooks: our heroine from Rome found an ingenious solution in her simplicity – she adapted a racket for hairpins and bows.

Germany: actual ripples

It would seem, what can surprise you with mosaic tiles in a bathroom? It turns out that not all the decorative resources of the material have been exhausted, and the play of adjacent tones can make an unexpected cocktail for wall cladding.
The shower compartment in a small house in Leipzig was designed in contrast with light and dark green mosaics. The resulting texture is reminiscent of games on a computer console: you just want to build a solid wall out of dark accents, like in Tetris, but in general this laconic technique adds dynamics to a bathroom decorated in white.

Russia: changing the faucet to a colored one

If you are thinking about replacing the faucet and shower head, look for a non-standard model instead of the usual chrome-plated brass – in small bathrooms where there is no room for decor, this is one of the few ways to show designer imagination. A retro faucet can be an interesting accent in a modern interior and will fit like a glove into a bathroom with a touch of loft style.

Spain: it’s all about the shelf

If there are several bathrooms in the apartment and the issue of organizing storage systems is not painfully acute, we offer a Spanish example for inspiration. In a spacious bathroom, a hanging shelf stretching along a narrow wall is used for purely decorative purposes. Lettering decor and colored boxes create a playful mood in this bathroom. If you are closer to the classics, place accessories adequate to the style on the shelf – candlesticks, aroma lamps or flowers.

Turkey: patterns on glass

Clear glass is the most common material for shower enclosures, but even this utilitarian issue can be solved with imagination. In the original Turkish project, wooden wall and floor paneling was combined with multi-colored patterns on glass: despite the bright shades, the prints resemble wood cuts and blend seamlessly with the finish.

USA: decide on the purpose

We are sure that a place for a humorous accent can be found in any interior. For example, to determine the purpose of the bathroom using a retro sign a la public restroom, as in this American project. It does not matter that there is only one bathroom in an apartment or house: with such a sign, your guests will figure out exactly where to run in any incomprehensible situation.

You can arrange a themed change of seasons in your own bathroom by replacing green paper with scarlet, yellow and orange. And then the turn of winter will come with traditionally white rolls.

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