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Graphic Design 101: How to Begin a Career in Graphics

by Steven Brown

Graphics occupations encompass a cross-section of employment opportunities. Various job titles, employers, and working environments exist within the graphics industry. This article will explore how to begin a career in graphics by exploring some basic principles and tips.

1. Choose a Specialty

Choosing a specialty is another step to becoming a graphic designer. There are many different design specialties, but most require a bachelor’s degree in some art, graphic design, or illustration.

You might also consider specializing if you’re thinking about making a career change and starting your own business. Some people find it easier to make money as an independent contractor than as an employee at an agency or other organization.

You can also choose a less competitive specialty, such as packaging design or marketing graphics. These are areas where plenty of jobs are available, but not many people with experience do them.

2. Learn About Design Trends

Design trends are a big part of what makes a graphic designer’s job unique. The thing about design is that it’s constantly changing and evolving, so you need to stay on top of what’s happening in the field. The best way to do this is by studying the trends that matter most to you as a designer. And no matter your industry, some exciting design trends are always bubbling below the surface.

3. Learn About Business and Marketing

Learning about business and marketing is a step in your career as a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you must understand what businesses need and how they can benefit from your work. You’ll also be expected to have a solid understanding of marketing so that you can communicate with clients.

You must learn about business and marketing early in your career because it will help you succeed in the long run. The sooner you understand how the different parts of business work together, the better off you’ll be.

4. Get To Know Project Management Software

If you’re interested in getting into the graphic design field, you must understand project management software. Technical graphics software can manage your workflow, keep track of deadlines, communicate with clients and other team members, and track expenses. The best part is that they’re designed to work together so you can accomplish all these things simultaneously without worrying about juggling multiple documents or being overwhelmed by too many tasks. This allows you to focus on what matters most: creating great designs.

5. Network With Other People in the Field

Networking is a great way to start a career in graphics. It’s essential to network with other people in the field because they can offer you advice and help you get started. They can also provide references for your work, which will be very helpful when finding a job.

You can find other professionals by searching online or attending events where graphic designers are present. You can also reach out to them personally through LinkedIn or another social media platform. If you have any questions about what it takes to be successful in this field, ask one of these people for advice.

Keep in mind that networking doesn’t have to mean just talking with other graphic designers; it can also mean talking with your customers.

6. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is an essential first step if you are interested in a career in graphics. You can find mentors by asking professionals in the field, checking out organizations that offer training or mentoring programs, or reaching out to people who have already started their businesses.

A mentor will help you find your business plan, design your brand and logo for your business, prepare for client meetings and sales calls, and other essential aspects of starting a business.

7. Gain Education and Training

If you’re a graphic designer, your first step is to gain education and training. You’ll need to attend an art school or university program that offers graphic design programs. This will give you the knowledge and skills necessary for your career as a graphic designer.

Once you’ve got your education, it’s time to get started in the industry by entering an internship program. This will allow you to gain experience working with real clients and learn how to handle your job responsibilities.


You’ve probably heard at some point that having a solid, specific idea of what you want to do with your career can help you succeed in your efforts. That’s something to consider. Never underestimate the value of knowing yourself and how you fit into graphic design.

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