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Honkai: Star Rail Forgotten Hall

by Zeeshan Khan

What is a Forgotten Hall?

Before we start with the subject at hand, we recommend that you explore the U7BUY website. You can find offers for Shop Game Items and useful information for Honkai: Star Rail or other popular video games. Now, let’s discuss one of the most challenging activities in this video game.

The Forgotten Hall is an “instance” or set of dungeons that come with outstanding challenges. Many players take their best characters and use the most optimal strategies to withstand all the threats inside this place.

You unlock the Forgotten Hall after you complete the “Adventure Mission Fleeting Lights,” which requires a Trailblaze Level 21 or higher. Inside this place, you will find two stages called “Memory” and “Memory of Chaos.” You need to complete the Forgotten Hall in the estimated order.

The Forgotten Hall will remain unlocked after you complete the Fleeting Lights mission. In other words, if you get stuck, you can leave and return once you get stronger.

Honkai: Star Rail Forgotten Hall

Completing the Goal

You “clear” or eliminate all the adversaries on a floor before you run out of “cycles.” In other words, you have a certain amount of turns in your party. If you run out of cycles, you fail the challenge and restart. As a result, you need to set an outstanding strategy to clear all the mobs (enemies) in a stage with the least amount of abilities.

We recommend that you pick the strongest characters and set different combos that aim to increase the attack of your party.

Furthermore, when you’re inside a stage, you cannot change the team setup, level your characters, or use any consumables. If your account is not that strong, you can take advantage of the Honkai Star Rail Top Up. Grab the Legendary characters and improve your party with tons of goodies.

Team Composition

Within some stages of the Honkai: Star Rail Forgotten Hall, you cut a group into two parties of four champions. When you reach this point, we recommend picking at least one healer for each party. With this support, you have the tools to keep everyone healthy and ready for a strike.

Most noteworthy, check the “Memory Turbulence” effects in a stage and take advantage of the modifiers. Sometimes, you could get a damage bonus for one of your DPS (Damage per Second) characters.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Remember that you have the freedom to leave the Forgotten Hall and return to another gaming session. When a certain stage feels “impossible,” you might need more levels or better members in your party. Indeed, you should check the current META and use those elements that might make things easier for you.

After a while, you will learn how to dominate the Forgotten Hall and become a better player.

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