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Wordle Alternatives

by Zeeshan Khan

Wordle challenges you to guess the five-letter word of the day within six guesses or less, with each guess changing colors to indicate your accuracy.

If one Wordle a day isn’t enough for you, try Qourdle which offers four simultaneous Wordle games at once. Or for something even more challenging try Dordle which requires you to solve two grids simultaneously!


Quordle is an adversarial variant that takes inspiration from Dordle (a Wordle variation where two words can be guess simultaneously), designed to keep puzzles going for as long as possible while pruning down word lists as necessary.

Sweardle provides an explicit alternative to Wordle, by giving you four-letter profanity words that must be decoded within six tries. And for movie fans there’s Framed which displays still frames from movies while giving you the chance to guess their titles as quickly as possible.

SWordle is the Star Wars-specific Wordle alternative; using vocabulary from across the galaxy far away. Or if music’s more your thing, Heardle provides you with one second of song introduction before repeating itself after each incorrect guess.


Wordle’s enormous popularity inspired numerous spinoffs, from numbers-themed variations to geography games. One advantage of these variants is that players can access them multiple times daily – giving you plenty of chances to keep yourself busy during your free time!

Antiwordle provides players with more opportunities than Wordle to guess a five-letter word, along with random letter counts for each puzzle.

Sweardle provides users with an enjoyable opportunity to select from a list of vulgar swear words and enter non-vulgar words (although this will reduce their score). Sweardle can add some flair and fun to daily gaming; however, new puzzles are released daily which could leave a lot of time between attempts if you miss one!


Wordle’s surge in popularity has spawned several browser-based games with similar gameplay, such as Wheeldle. Wheeldle follows Wordle in that you must guess five-letter words in six attempts; however, its unique feature allows players to use a wheeldle token that can be rotated to point at any of the letters present within a field.

Wordle isn’t the only game with a unique spin – Primel takes things a step further by asking players to identify six prime numbers in six tries, making for a challenging puzzle game!

hello Wordl is perfect for players seeking more of a challenge; offering unlimited daily play and using the same rules as Wordle with an eye-catching retro video game background.

Hello Wordl

Wordle can become too easy if played too often; to add an extra challenge, try Hello Wordl. This free game offers four- to 11-letter answers with six attempts per guess and color-coding depending on where they fall in your guess; green means correct letter placement while yellow requires further investigation or gray indicates they didn’t make the cutoff list altogether.

Hello Wordl stands out from other word games by allowing players to choose the number of letters in a mystery word – by default this setting is five, but by moving the slider up or down furthermore challenging and rewarding the game becomes.


Antiwordle is a challenging twist on Wordle that tests both your linguistic knowledge and perseverance. Utilizing its trademark color-coding system, Antiwordle requires you to avoid guessing gray letters first while adding yellow ones gradually until completing each turn and finally locking in red letters as soon as possible.

One effective strategy to increase your odds of victory is experimenting with various variations of a word and trying to identify vowels within it, increasing the odds that you correctly identify hidden words while placing as many yellow letters as possible. Finally, be patient when playing and don’t rush through it all at once!

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