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How to Add Your Favourite Woven Labels to Your Product?

by Steven Brown
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If you are interested in adding your favorite woven labels to your product, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be covering the main advantages of custom woven labels, including durability, color options, and metallic threads. Take a look! You’ll be amazed at the number of benefits that come with these labels. Read on to discover how they can help you improve your business. Then, be sure to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Custom woven labels

Weaved labels are the perfect way to make your clothes stand out and to add your own personal stamp to them. Weaved labels are available in many different sizes, from round to square and rectangular. Custom woven labels will make a big difference in your brand recognition and the impression they make on your customers. Not only can you personalize your labels, but you can also choose from a variety of different materials to create the perfect look.

Woven labels are made from high-quality material that looks elegant and professional. You can add a woven label to any garment, including clothing, bags, coats, and even furniture. This high-quality fabric is available in up to eight colours and can be cut using a hot knife or laser-cut by a professional. For best results, choose one of these labels for your garments and start personalizing them today!


One major benefit of woven labels is that they can withstand washing. While printed labels have an ink surface, woven labels have designs that go through the label. They can be washed and dried repeatedly. Moreover, because the woven labels do not fade, they can be left on clothing for many years. Aside from this, woven labels are easier to apply and remain in place for a longer time. They also do not fade or curl under heat or pressure like other labels.

Woven labels are usually made of polyester. The type of weave determines the appearance and feel. For example, taffeta and satin woven labels are non-reflective and shiny. Woven labels have higher thread counts but are stiffer and less pliable than the other two. Depending on the weave, you may choose a label with higher thread count if the item will be subjected to a lot of sunlight and water.

Color options

Adding custom woven labels to your clothing can elevate the appearance of your product. Choose from a wide range of color options for your labels and create the look that you want. You can even create a unique design or logo to add an extra special touch to your product. No matter what the purpose of your labels are, you can use custom woven labels to promote your brand or product. Just get in touch with a label manufacturer to get started!

The custom woven label is the main source of brand identity for fashion brands. Custom labels let the brand stand out, and your artwork can fulfill a separate mission. They add a touch of texture to clothing, and your logo will be displayed in a tasteful way. The versatility of woven labels is what sets them apart. You can also use them for different purposes, such as on totes and other items.

Metallic threads

Adding metallic thread to woven labels is a great way to add a festive touch to your products. It’s especially nice to add metallic thread to items that are related to a particular holiday. For instance, a patriotic item would benefit from a metallic red thread. But the added flair and sheen are only a part of the label’s appeal. Here are some ways to add metallic thread to woven labels.

Damask fabric is made of lustrous based thread and is commonly used for fine detail on products. There are two kinds of woven labels available: straight cut/end fold. The cut/end fold label is the most common type and is folded on the left and right sides. The inward fold is then stitched along the inside of the label. Another option for woven labels is a hang tag. Hang tags are made of card stock and are usually attached with a string or ribbon. You can include a logo, written text, and a price area on these tags. You can also add a barcode to hang labels.

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