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Importance of Sociology Degree in the US

by Steven Brown
Importance of Sociology Degree in the US

Is sociology a wise major choice? Sociology may be a major worth pursuing if you are interested in people, cultures, and human behavior.

Relevant topics covered in a sociology bachelor’s degree include inequality, family dynamics, and community development. You may find various uses for the concepts acquired in this curriculum because these themes affect behavior and decision-making in both private and public domains.

You may have a solid basis for work in human services, business, teaching, research, and other fascinating industries with a sociology degree.

Is Sociology a Recommendable Major?

Sociology is a popular undergraduate major, and for good reason. Over the next 10 years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs in the biological, physical, and social sciences to expand by 5% (MyDegreeGuide, 2022).

Sociologists, social workers, public relations specialists, correctional treatment specialists, and managers of social and community services are common occupations in this branch of sociology.

You can better prepare yourself to comprehend culture and relationships with a degree in sociology. With such information, you might be a good fit for a wide range of professions in numerous industries. You can decide to work in the private or public sector, in the criminal justice system, in education, in social services, or another industry.

Because sociology won’t confine you to a particular field, you can utilize your college years to investigate the numerous potential job options that this degree may open up for you. You might discover along the way that conducting research and learning more about human interactions behind the scenes or working directly with individuals piques your interest.

The thrill that comes with starting something new and the goal-setting we do during that excitement are its best features (ER, 2020). No matter how things turn out, you can always refer back to the lessons taught in this program on how people behave and interact with one another. Students can always get Sociology thesis help from online services.

Sociology Curriculum for Majors

A core set of social science courses are typically required for a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and you may also choose to take electives related to your areas of interest. The sociology courses your school offers can include things like:

  • Relationships and Communities
  • Dynamic Families
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Poverty and Privilege in Inequality
  • Problems in Society: An Introduction to Sociology
  • Community Psychology
  • Social Science Theory
  • Sociological Study
  • Social scientific fields use statistics

Students typically need to complete 120 credit hours of college coursework to earn a bachelor’s degree. Along with your core and elective sociology studies, this will also contain a variety of general education courses.

Three Career Possibilities for Sociology Graduates

Since human interactions have an impact on almost every aspect of life, sociology is a varied science. Working with the public or conducting research are two of the top sociology occupations.

1.      Social scientist

Researchers that collect information on people’s behavior and society, analyze it, and then create reports that could have an impact on laws or practices are known as sociologists.

Sociologists earn an average yearly salary of $86,110, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it the highest-paying profession for sociology graduates. While those with only a bachelor’s degree may work as research assistants, most sociologists require a doctorate.

2.      Social Worker

You can think about a career in social work if you have a strong desire to aid those in need. You could assist people with health issues, seniors, kids, parents, or elders in finding solutions to their issues.

Some entry-level social work professions are open to persons with a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree is necessary to become a certified clinical social worker.

3.      Manager of Social and Community Services

After earning expertise in social work or human services, you can be qualified to direct initiatives or run businesses that enhance the lives of people.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that pursuing this profession could result in a promising level of employment stability. Managers of social and community services are becoming more numerous at a pace of 17% growth.

After sociology, you can always provide Humanities thesis help to students.

Employment in Sociology

The average yearly compensation for sociologists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $86,110, and the majority of them make between $52,640 and $143,020.

How to Decide If Sociology Is the Right Major for Me

A sociology degree may be the best choice for you if you are passionate about finding answers to societal issues. You’ll be exposed to fresh viewpoints and equipped with the knowledge necessary to assess problems and contribute to their resolution.

As you take a close look at the environment and try to come up with suggestions for bettering your society, it is advantageous to have critical thinking skills. Most sociology majors are optimistic about the future and desire to play a role in bringing about positive change in the world.

Are Sociology Majors Tough?

A sociology course will probably make you rethink your presumptions and push you to adopt new viewpoints.

You might find classes on race disparity and human rights to be somewhat upsetting if you’re not receptive to that concepts. However, if you enjoy a challenge, you could find the coursework stimulating.

If mathematics and the natural sciences aren’t your strong suits, sociology courses typically don’t place a lot of focus on those subjects. Even said, sociology majors frequently offer courses like statistical analysis, so math isn’t completely out of the question.

What Positions Are Available for Sociology Graduates?

You can think about applying for jobs with social or human service organizations if you wish to work directly with people. You might potentially land a management position after acquiring experience.

Managers of social and community services who work for local government organizations are reported to make an average salary of $87,720 annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, you could work as an assistant in a sociology study team. You might work for a nonprofit, a government agency, or even a research and development company.

By interviewing participants, gathering data, or submitting reports, you can earn experience that will help you when applying to graduate programs in this area.

How Useful Is a Sociology Degree?

Consider applying your sociology degree to the business world if you’re interested in career advancement and large salaries.

Departments of public relations and human resources could profit from your sociology training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who are promoted to managerial positions earn an average annual salary of nearly $60,000. A bachelor’s degree in sociology could potentially prepare you for graduate work.

With a graduate degree, you could work as a licensed clinical social worker, school counselor, or sociologist. Your duties would rise if you were promoted to such positions, and your pay might increase as well.


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