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Is Allscripts EMR a better solution for your practice system than Epic EMR?

by Steven Brown

What is Allscripts EMR

Allscripts is a game-changing EMR platform that has progressed greatly since its debut. It is far more than a standard electronic health record solution and includes advanced capabilities.

Allscripts EMR features 

Management of Performance: Medical practices can only excel by growing consistently, which is only possible if long-term performance is ensured. All healthcare facilities try to improve their clinical services to attain the best level of performance. allscripts software helps with this by offering business intelligence solutions. The vendor mines the data to extract key insights and redesigns the clinical data for maximum utilization. This interactive dashboard features a robust reporting tool for tracking clinical performance. There are even bespoke solutions available to improve administrative services. There are even solutions that allow providers to see their operational costs and much more in graphical representations at a glance.

Electronic Prescription: Allscripts EMR’s prescribing functionality illustrates the vendor’s worth. In addition to many other outstanding features, Allscripts EMR’s prescribing tool is useful. It assists doctors in writing better prescriptions by providing insights from patient data and checking for allergies. This medication administration system complies with healthcare regulations and allows for direct prescription exchange with integrated pharmacies. As a result, patients save time because they can readily access their prescribed medications. Allscripts EMR software is linked with over 50,000 clinical pharmacists and is intended to improve patients’ lives.

Practice Management Instruments: Allscripts EMR provides clients with best-in-class practice management features. The vendor boosts administrative staff’ excitement by giving them more control over their daily operations. For example, staff can scan patient documents into medical records and keep them on the cloud. Compared to rival options, Allscripts EMR’s practice management system is free. This comprehensive system automates check-in, and patient registration generates bills automatically and sends reminders and alerts. All of this is possible with a few mouse clicks.

Mobile Compatibility: The mobile accessibility offering from Allscripts EMR software is rather exciting.  This greatly expedites work because clinicians may do their job while moving. There’s no reason to limit yourself to desktop displays any longer. This market-leading platform is compatible with all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Caregivers can use the app to access patient records, save progress notes, see lab results, fill out refill requests, and communicate with patients. They can even alter patient flowsheets and mark completed actions while on the fly to keep the system current for all staff members. In short, Allscripts EMR’s simple-yet-effective solution streamlines all difficult operations.

Allscripts pricing?

Allscripts provides a few configurable plans to their customers, with the base cost of a license starting at $150 per provider.

What exactly is Epic EMR? And what features does it provide?

Epic EMR is a healthcare software company that has existed for over 40 years. Because of its dependable telehealth features, patient portal, scheduling, and billing capabilities, it is one of the most established solutions for large hospitals. However, it can also be tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare companies looking to concentrate patient information, operations, and financial data.

Epic is more likely to be suitable for larger businesses than for small practitioners. In addition, users can choose to use its self-hosted option, although it is still more expensive than the other EHRs in the market.

Epic EMR features 

Population Health: One of the most important components of the Epic Care system is population health. Population health entails investigating what is best for your patient using a compatible data source. Epic ehr features facilitates care management across the healthcare ecosystem with this service. In addition, it allows practitioners to use advanced analytics to close care gaps.

Telehealth: Smart tools are required today to handle patients delicately. And this service is essential for caring for patients in remote places and with chronic illnesses. Epic provides its customers with a simple telehealth module. This strong virtual care module has no flaws. Physicians can use this solution to access a wide range of services. More significantly, it serves as a stepping stone toward reaching scalability.

Analytics and Reporting: It is a great functionality required by all therapeutic procedures. This reporting module provides practitioners with complete visibility into their clinical processes. By doing so, the system assists clinicians in understanding where they now stand.

How Allscripts EMR outperforms Epic EMR

Allscripts was created for physicians to provide the greatest clinical decision assistance at the point of treatment. However, it rates lower than Epic in terms of usability. Allscripts just released a web-based machine learning EHR to lower documentation time and improve EHR usability. On the other hand, Epic is a user-friendly EHR intended to improve the patient experience. Epic has excelled in terms of interoperability and product satisfaction when delivering value-based care. Epic holds a desirable position in the EHR sector, facilitating data exchange and collaboration for healthcare providers. Epic connects its EHR product offerings into a single network to facilitate user data sharing. With Epic, you may trade integrated health information with other Epic users. Sharing begins instantly after the fast verification.

However, Allscripts does not provide the plug-and-play patient health record exchange option. Furthermore, it does not share through shared networks and is still in the development stages of making network sharing smooth.

Sharing with Epic users requires minimal work or money. Allscripts, on the other hand, provides compatibility that needs time, effort, and commitment. In terms of user satisfaction and vendor support, Epic has an advantage over Allscripts. However, this does not imply that Allscripts does not provide essential customer and vendor support. In terms of user happiness, it comes in second only to Epic.

Allscripts has approximately 40,000 customers, while Epic has approximately 25,000 customers. This demonstrates Allscripts’ widespread appeal. However, this does not mean Epic is not a popular medical instrument.

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