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Level Up Your Marketing With Video Gift Boxes

by Steven Brown

When you think of marketing, the term “video gift boxes” doesn’t exactly pop into your head. You tend to think of content, which can be written or video or which can be organic or paid. But effective marketing is about thinking outside of the box. Including looking for opportunities to give potential customers something more than just words. Or videos that highlight how your product or service can benefit them. Aside from video brochure and video mailer, another underrated yet highly effective way of leveling up your marketing game is sending a video box complete with gifts or product samples to targeted recipients.

Why Send A Video Box With Gifts?

A video box, as its name states, is a marketing asset that comes in the form of a box. It’s integrated with a video that introduces your offering. Because of its ample space, it can also come with other promotional materials. From a more in-depth product catalog or brochure to gifts and product samples. That would help entice your recipients to buy from you.

There are many reasons to allocate a budget for such elaborate marketing collateral.

To promote brand awareness. About 4 in 5 consumers say that they like the idea of receiving free samples and gifts from a brand. It makes them feel valued and in return. They’ll be more motivated to engage with you. Write a review of your offerin. And share it on their social media pages. Giving away video gift boxes is a marketing technique that creates a ripple effect. Allowing you to introduce your brand to more people.

To increase sales. When you send samples to potential customers, you’re allowing them to experience your brand firsthand. This helps you to reinforce your intent better that what you’re offering is something that can help them address a certain problem that they have. As a result, they will be more likely to respond to that call to action that you’ve incorporated in your mailer — whether it’s visiting your online catalog or grabbing an exclusive deal just for them.

To build a lasting relationship. You may think that sending samples and gifts is expensive, but it benefits your business in the long run. Sending samples and gifts allows you to build relationships with prospective clients. And preserve those that you have with your existing partners. It’s a unique way of telling them that you value them. And that they’re one reason why you as a business exist in the first place.

How To Make A Successful Video Gift Box Campaign

Video gift boxes are a one-of-a-kind marketing material that’s hard to ignore. But for it to be truly effective, identify your objectives first. Are you trying to increase sales for a particular product. Or are you soliciting feedback from a product that you’re yet to launch?

Then, come up with a list of your recipients. You can even classify them depending on their specific personas or avatars. This way, you can send out specific gift boxes that will best entice them to take action.

Once you have your recipients identified. Make sure that the video box you’ll send — from the video content to the gifts. Or product samples it contains — are of high quality. You can only make a great lasting impression if your gift boxes are error- and damage-free.

Forget traditional marketing materials and send your prospective clients an amazing video box or video brochure. Contact us today at MediaFast.

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