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Process of getting a bespoke Engagement ring done in Hatton Garden

by Steven Brown

Hatton Garden Street in London is best known for its diamond jewellery, especially diamond engagement rings. Thousands of people visit Hatton Garden Street each year in search of a diamond ring. There are several outlets here that sell authentic natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds for the purpose of fabricating a customized ring. Most people opt for bespoke engagement ring these days in order to have something unique that is exclusive to them. Hatton Garden Street is one of the best places to purchase a bespoke engagement ring since all the components can be found here along will skilled craftsmen who will put them together for you. The process of getting a bespoke engagement ring at Hatton Garden is as follows.

Finalize a design

The first step in getting a bespoke engagement ring Hatton garden is to know what you are looking for. Browse through the different types of ring designs on the internet and finalize on the one that inspires you the most. Having a design in mind will enable you to communicate the same to the jeweller who can advise you on what is best. Even if you don’t have a design in mind, you can still visit the Hatton garden jewellers who will give their expert opinion and offer you various options to choose from.

Choose metal and the ring setting

The next step in making a bespoke engagement ring is to choose the kind of metal you want your ring to be. Usually, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum metals go well with the diamond rings. You can choose the kind of metal you prefer and the type of ring setting you want. There are different types of ring settings with solitaire, halo and trilogy setting being the most classic ones. However, you can choose other ring settings according to your preference.

Select the diamond stone

Hatton Garden Street has several outlets that sell loose diamond stones that you can choose from. To do so, you must be acquainted with the 4 C’s of diamonds and choose the kind of shape and cut that you want for your stone. You can also choose to have multiple stones in your ring or a coloured gemstone as well. Choose a gemstone that speak to you and holds meaning for both you and your partner.

Personalize your ring

Once you have decided on the diamond stones, metal band and setting, speak to the jeweller about the way you want to personalize the ring. There are several ways in which you can personalize your ring according to your choice. Communicate with the jeweller if you want to have a personalized message such as the date you met or the initials of your spouse engraved on the ring band. You can also have some intricate designs that can be added to the ring made of lab grown diamonds UK. You can also create diamond detailing such as a hidden halo or pave set rings.

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