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The best 7 ways to Learn JavaScript for Beginners in 2022

by Steven Brown

Learning a programming language in today’s world is undeniably an ideal choice. We are moving toward a more digitalized world where machines will do the labor. It is a hint that people who do not learn digital skills might lose their employment status later. Therefore, starting to develop digital skills from this point would be really good. Most people look forward to learning JavaScript programming language. Why is that? There are so many programming languages available, and all of them possess different traits. So why JavaScript? Perhaps you too, want to learn JavaScript in 2022.

This article will show the top 7 ways for learning JavaScript for beginners in 2022. Therefore, if you are here thinking you would get vital info about learning JavaScript, you are at the right place. Enrolling in JavaScript courses is not enough to learn it because you need the best ways for it. Else, you will have to ask someone to do my course for me and complete it.

The Top 7 Ways to Learn JavaScript for Beginners

Perhaps you do not know about this, but JavaScript is the world’s most famous programming language today. That is the reason people are willing to learn it. Stack Overflow conducted research recently about which programming language is the most famous. Their study showed that 70% percent of developers use JavaScript and find it a useful skill. Thus, no matter how many languages a developer knows to use, JavaScript is still the most-used skill in their programming toolbox. So JavaScript is a basic skill that beginners and professionals both should own.

We believe you are even more curious to learn JavaScript now. If so, be patient, and read the blog below carefully. This article will offer the best 7 ways to learn JavaScript from the scratch. Thus, do not worry if you have zero knowledge about this field. Your dedication and willingness to learn this language will make you a hero from zero.

Self-Regulated Learning through Websites and Courses

Aside from books and classroom learning, the internet is a mine of knowledge. It has everything you need to learn JavaScript, from beginner to professional level. Plus, self-regulated learning through the internet is a cost-free approach. A recent study showed that most people learn a new skill through the internet without paying a dollar. There are many websites and tutors who offer free learning materials to students all over the globe. For example, YouTube is an ideal place to develop a new programming language skill, such as JavaScript.

JavaScript Online Courses

You can find many platforms on the internet that offer ideal JavaScript courses. For example, you can purchase a beginner to master-level JavaScript course on Udemy. Also, Coursera is an excellent online course platform, where you can find dozens of brilliant courses. Luckily, Coursera sometimes offers cost-free online courses, which also get you a completion certificate. Plus, the biggest benefit of learning JavaScript through an online course is time flexibility. Online courses can help you learn a skill one-third time faster than traditional learning.


Books are an old way to learn, yet they can still be vital in learning JavaScript. There are countless books you can find on JavaScript that can help you start from scratch. These books might also be available on the web, so you do not have to spend money buying their hard copies. If you are curious to know about these books, here are some of them:

  • Nick Morgan’s JavaScript for Kids.
  • Marjin Haverbeke’s Eloquent JavaScript.
  • Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Part.
  • David Herman’s Effective JavaScript.
  • Marc Harter’s Node.JS in Action.

Coding Boot Camps

Perhaps you are not good at self-regulated learning, which is totally okay. Everyone has a different way of learning, just as some students require a push-to-learn method from instructors to thrive. Maybe you also desire a bit more support and guidance in your educational journey to learn JavaScript. If so, a coding boot camp is a perfect fit for you. Boot camps got their repo in recent years. People nowadays prefer to learn a skill in a short time rather than spend years in school to have a degree. In such a case, boot camps are perfect, cost-efficient, and can help you develop competitive skills in no time.

Meet-Ups and Networking Events

Another way to learn JavaScript is by setting meet-ups with developers, being with them, and growing your network among them. Many schools, firms, and colleges host networking and IT events where you can meet new people in this domain. Being in their surroundings can help you learn many things about JavaScript and boost your interest.

Work On Your Own Projects

No matter how much you learn a skill, if you do not practice it, there will be no point in learning. Therefore, at some points, you will have to take a leap from tutorials to working on your projects. It will help you practice more and make you a better problem-solver. You will face many errors while working on your projects, which requires you to fix them by studying them. All this process will boost your knowledge of JavaScript.

Hire a JavaScript Developer as a Mentor

Having a mentor with adequate knowledge and experience in JavaScript can be a lifesaver. Remember, online courses and websites are free and easy sources to learn, but they will not help you when you get stuck with errors and bugs. On the other hand, having the support of a mentor will help you find and fix all the errors and bugs in your project on a real-time basis.


Learning Python, C, C#, SwiftCoding, or any other programming language is exceptional. However, JavaScript has a role alongside every language to help you make a smooth front end. This article offered the top 7 ways to learn JavaScript for beginners, the rest is up to you now. Besides, JavaScript courses are easy to purchase but hard to complete. Yet, we hope you are a dedicated learner and will not ask anyone to take my course for me and complete it.

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