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The Facts about the Dolly Khanna Portfolio:

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Dolly Khanna Portfolio:


These days, investing in the stock market for seller investors is like roaming in a dense forest without a map. Then the forest is full of attractive plunders and scary drawbacks. Fortunately for selling investors, the well-known names in the stock market, or as we like to call it the highest investing gurus in India country have been through this forest and walked away with attractive rewards.

Perceiving the map placed out by these investments Gurus may act as managing light for depositors. We are not recommending you replicate their complete portfolio or copy their savings thoughts but also keep a record of their purchasing and selling activity. In this article, we will take a look at one of the ace investor none other than Dolly Khanna.

Who is Dolly Khanna?

Dolly Khanna is a Chennai-based shareholder in a famous collection of lesser-known midcaps and small caps. has small-participating in frameworks since 1996.

Dolly Khanna’s portfolio, which is skillful by her husband Rajiv Khanna, is typically convinced regarding additional traditional stocks in industrialized, fabric, chemical, and sugar stocks, etc.


Smallcap which Dolly Khanna sells and Why?

The newest shareholding design of KCP demonstrates Khanna clipped her stake in the small-cap company during 2023 the sector. As of the month of December 2022, her stake in the company erected was at 2.43%. In the sector ended Marcin h 2023, her stake was condensed to 2.25%. Whereas we don’t know why Khanna clipped her stake in KCP, there are few causes this we can predict.

In current quarters, the company’s business performance has declined. For the March 2022 sector, the company stated a net profit of ₹ 592 million and ever since then, it all went simple for KCP. The company’s return ongoing for the next three stations. In the month of December 2022 quarter, the company stated a net loss of ₹ 120 m. 

Though, the bordering increase in income was wiped off by an increase in expenditures. From the overall point of view, Dolly Khanna has been stripping her stake in the company in minor scopes for a long time. She ongoing stripping during the June 2021 sector.

How Business Group KCP Performed Recently?

Completed the last month the share fee of KCP has increase by d 6.5%. In 2by 023 so distant, the stock is depressed by 9.7%. In the previous one, year recent is depressed by 20.2%. Thy company affected its fifty-two week great of ₹ 138.5 on seven November 2022, and its fifty-two week little of ₹ 91.6 on sixteen March 2023.

About KCP:

KCP is an expanded business group with interests in heavy manufacturing, sugar, cement, hydel control, information technology,  and  biotechnology KCP’s cement partition has state-of-the-art cement industrial plant at Macherla, Andhra Pradesh. It has nine industrial places in various topographies in India and Vietnam. KCP Vietnam manufactures is a sugar manufacturing lesser in Vietnam.

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