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The Importance of Vehicle Lifts for Scooter Users

by Roseruck Roseruck
Scooter Users

Many individuals with reduced mobility don’t necessarily need to be bound to a wheelchair at all times. However, they may be unable to walk for longer distances, and having a mobility scooter available for those longer walks can be incredibly important. That’s where scooter lifts for vans come in; they make it possible to bring this essential mobility device along with you wherever you go. Keep reading to learn more about scooter lifts and why they matter.

Less Compact than Wheelchairs

Many wheelchairs can be folded up and stored with relative ease in the trunk of a car. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with mobility scooters. Scooters are always motor powered and can rarely have their sizes reduced in any way. This means they are large, heavy, and incredibly difficult to fit in a vehicle. You can’t fold them, fit them into a trunk, or stow them behind the seat; in fact, you probably wouldn’t even be able to lift the scooter into the vehicle at all, even if you had a van or SUV large enough to accommodate it.

A scooter lift makes it possible to load your scooter inside of your car, or have it securely carried on the back of your vehicle. This is the only way to reliably transport these mobility devices with you wherever you go to ensure that you have access to mobility when you need it most.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are often inaccessible for those with reduced mobility. This is largely because outdoor walking surfaces are often uneven and difficult to traverse, even if you do have a cane or a walker with you. If you have reduced mobility, but don’t require the use of a wheelchair, your options for outdoor walking are quite limited without a scooter lift—because you can’t bring your scooter with you, but you also can’t use a walker or cane on the outdoor walking trails, for fear of them catching on the uneven surfaces and making you stumble.

On the other hand, if you have a scooter lift installed on your van or SUV, you can easily load the scooter into your vehicle, or haul it on the back of your vehicle, and bring it along with you. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the walking trail with your friends and family as you safely and comfortably drive your mobility scooter along.

If you have a mobility scooter, vehicle lifts in Louisiana are essential to allow you to get full use of your scooter.

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