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How are Your Employees Feeling?

by Roseruck Roseruck

Employee morale is critical to the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your warehouse. When your team is stressed, overworked, and generally fatigued, quality, safety, and output suffer. Turnover rates rise, problems go unsolved, and your reputation takes a hit.

The good news is that improving morale isn’t hard. Here’s what you can do:


Ask your employees to tell you what they need. If you haven’t asked in a while or if listening hasn’t been your strong suit, you may need to ask repeatedly to get the conversation going. You may need to be creative to help team members feel safe to open up. But if you can create an atmosphere that allows employees to share their needs and concerns freely and safely, you’ll be amazed at the results. Your team will tell you what they need to do their jobs better; it’s what both of you want, so ask and listen.


Folks want to hear that they’re doing a good job. Whether they’re answering phones, unloading trucks on the dock, stocking shelves, or running machinery, every employee on your team wants their contribution to be acknowledged and valued. Offering regular, genuine praise is easy and makes a difference.


It’s fine to tell your team you care, but it’s quite another thing to prove it. Saying you care becomes more than talk when you take active measures to protect the health and safety of your workers. Ideas include the following:

  • Upgrade your material lifting equipment to make physical labor less intense
  • Stock high-quality, comfortable safety gear
  • Offer regular training in ergonomics, so every staff member knows how to do their tasks safely
  • Be generous with paid time off
  • Honor breaks and lunch times
  • Provide opportunities for employees to volunteer or help in the community

This is just a small sample of ways you can protect your employees. Another idea is to ask them what they need and listen (see #1.)


An enviable workspace is a wonderful way to improve morale. Make your business a great place to be. Create a comfy break room that invites relaxation. Make tasty and healthy snacks readily available; subsidize them if you can for an added benefit. Create an outdoor space employees can use for breaks and lunch times; giving your team the ability to get outside for part of the day really boosts morale. Maybe add a gym or exercise area your team can use to warm up before starting their shift or stretch out afterward. Your team will stick around if you create a place they want to be.

Not Sure How Your Team is Feeling?

Take a look around. Talk to your managers and supervisors. Ask. But don’t hesitate; the longer you let burnout simmer, the more significantly it will impact your bottom line. Take care of your team, and they’ll take care of you.

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