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Things guys would notice during the first arranged meeting

by Roseruck Roseruck
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The essence of an arranged marriage’s first meeting could be overstated. Our future depends on the ability to select the partner whether they are going to make you miserable, happy, poor or rich. Punjabi matrimonials have given you bio-data which has her caste, age, and profession as well as their preferences. It gives little light to the personality, such detail could be learned by meeting the preferential partner personally. 

What are the things that girls need to be cared for while meeting a guy, which may be the key highlights and focus points of boys during a first meet?

  • Smile: a lady’s face is the first thing anyone notices, especially the guy who will see. Not only are the great lips and teeth beautiful, but boys would look at your face for social cues, as it is the expressive feature you have. A warm, attractive smile may communicate well. A sly, seductive smirk may convey. 
  • The way you laugh: this is also an expressive expression that may attract anyone, a genuine guy always tries to make you laugh as it is the beautiful sound that every single man wants to hear. The laughter itself would help them to decide if they like to ask the girl: intoxicated, sweet giggle may be music to his ears, 
  • Confidence: one of the important aspects of any personality the first time is the energy you create around you. There is nothing more attractive than confidence. If you could carry yourself and possess and assertively have a strong sense of self, a boy would take notice immediately, no matter what your characteristics are.
  • Your stylish clothing: boy may not have any clue who designed your clothes. They are capable of interpreting and observing a girl’s style. While boys may not identify with any character from girls, the typical boy would naturally categorize the way of your style the first sight they meet you.
  • Your two B’s: your breast and butts are going to be the two main attractions for every warm-blooded man who I meet for the first time. Men are created to appreciate women’s bodies and inner beauty. Whether you try to enhance or showcase your breast and butts proudly like a trophy or safeguard them conservatively.
  • High heels: if you have selected the girl from the best matrimonial sites you would have known about her height and he would try to cross-check it by checking your heels and the comfort you have in them. The majority of men you date have some to no taste if it comes to female footwear. Fortunately, you have got numerous other assets to work with which he would spot prior he looks down at your feet. 
  • Body type: it is not the thing which everyone admits, but your physical appearance is an important part of your life. For numerous reasons, a woman’s weight, and height is the most hyped attribute which matters less to them than other factors when choosing a partner.

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