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What Are The Most Important Executive Assistant Courses You Should Take?

by Steven Brown

There is considerably more to the job of an executive assistant than is initially apparent, even though it may merely sound like a fancy way of saying “secretary.” Being an executive assistant is challenging work, and you can be needed to carry out a variety of activities, such as project management, communication, or organisation. Being an executive assistant requires constant alertness and a basic understanding of a wide range of subjects.

The following executive assistant courses can be useful whether you’re looking for work as one or just want to hone your existing abilities. Here, we employ a unique process that enables us to sort through a large number of free online courses and deliver just the best to you.

4 Executive Assistant Courses

There are many excellent courses that assistants can enrol in for free or at a small cost that will assist further their careers and professional growth. Online training for Executive and Personal Assistants is prevalent. The following four executive assistant courses are worth your consideration: 

  1. Office Administration Course

For those looking to advance their business careers, the Oxford Home Study Centre’s course is ideal. Taking this programme will offer you a head start if you want to learn how to manage your office and your executives more effectively or if you want to advance in your profession. The Oxford Home Study Centre is the top provider of online courses in the UK, and they pride themselves on making studying enjoyable and tailored to each student. 

There are no prerequisites or admission criteria for this course, which will take students about 20 hours to finish depending on their unique skills. By the end of the course, students will have studied 15 distinct office administration themes, including how to become more forceful, how to communicate better, how to interpret nonverbal cues, how to advance, and how to write better. 

If you are knowledgeable about these subjects, your employer will see that you are ready to take on new challenges and possibly advance in the organisation. 

  1. Business Foundations Specialisation

Even though this course focuses more on the fundamentals of business in general, it can still be very helpful for students looking to begin a career in business administration. If you recently decided to pursue a career in business administration and want to communicate with your supervisor or coworkers more effectively, this class is ideal for you. 

A MOOC website called Coursera provides both standalone, brief courses and lengthier specialisations. Any lesson can be taken for free in audit mode, or students can choose to pay for the complete course and receive a certificate. Even if they had no prior business knowledge going into the course, students would be literate in the language of business by the conclusion of it. 

Within the general specialisation, there are five shorter courses that concentrate on marketing, finance, accounting, and operations. You will complete a final assignment at the conclusion of the executive assistant training course that will allow you to demonstrate your abilities by tackling a real-world corporate difficulty. 

  1. Administrative Professional Tips

The fundamentals of becoming an administrative professional are covered in this course, which is instructed by April Stallworth. It demonstrates what a fulfilling and difficult career it can be. This course is ideal for people who have already started working as administrative professionals, whether as executive assistants or in other capacities. 

Stallworth offers advice to students on how to keep up with their boss and their boss’ schedule, demonstrating how they may contribute greatly to the business they work for by simply making everyone else’s lives simpler. An online resource tied to one of the most popular professional social networks on the internet is called LinkedIn Learning. The portal offers thousands of courses to students for a single flat membership fee, while new users can use it for a month free as a trial. 

Additionally, with their school login information, students who are presently enrolled in a partner college or university can frequently access LinkedIn Learning for free. Students will be able to manage projects, navigate office politics, and gatekeeper efficiently after completing this free online course. 

  1. Executive Assistant Skills 

If you want to work as an executive assistant but are unsure of what will be required of you each day, Alison’s training is ideal for you. To better acquaint students with the workplace and the best ways to address challenges at work, the course guides them through a number of different modules. 

A massive open online course (MOOC) platform called Alison provides users with a selection of free courses on a wide range of topics. Although certificates of completion are available for purchase through Alison’s shop after you complete a course, you are not required to do so. 

Depending on individual ability level, this executive assistant course can be finished in 1.5 to 3 hours. The programme has so far attracted more than 15,000 students, many of whom have gone on to work as executive assistants or in the business sector. Effective time management, soft administrative skills, acting as a good gatekeeper, organisational skills, and confidentiality requirements are among the modules you’ll study throughout the course. 


A career as an executive assistant can be the next step for you if you’re interested in improving your communication and organising abilities. Take a look at some of the online executive assistant courses available to enhance these abilities. These courses offer opportunities for both professional and personal development at work.

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