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What Are The Recent Changes In Canada Post Graduation Work Permit?

by Steven Brown
Canada Post Graduate Work Permit

The Canadian government has recently modified the Canada Post Graduate Work Permit for international students. These changes come when other countries, like the US, have stricter visa and immigration policies. Nevertheless, Canada remains an attractive destination for those looking to learn, work, and settle permanently.

The country has lots of opportunities for young professionals from India. Due to these reasons, Indian students have always been interested in studying in Canada. Not only does Canada have a wide variety of excellent universities, but it also provides great opportunities after graduation. In addition, the Canadian job market allows international students to work and settle down after completing their studies.

New Changes Implemented by the Canadian Government

The Canadian government’s new rule prevents students studying at unsubsidized private institutions in the Quebec region from receiving PGWP, significantly impacting those planning to attend such schools. However, the overall impact will be small as students go to other regions for higher education.

This new rule will be effective starting September 1, 2023. After this date, any international student graduating from an unsubsidized private school will not be eligible for the permit.

In addition, the Quebec government recently instituted a new restructuring program that denies students who don’t graduate from public or subsidized private institutions. One of the primary objectives of this initiative is to ensure quality control over educational institutions.

The rapidly growing number of universities will have long-term effects and might gradually damage the reputations of Canadian institutions. Thus, the Canadian government’s new rule will assist officials in keeping the quality of education high and ensure that students receive the excellent education they come to Canada expecting.

Who is eligible for a PGWP?

You must abide by the following requirements to apply for a post-graduation work permit.

  • You must be 18 years old having completed a full-time study program in Canada that was at least 8 months long
  • You must have enrolled in a study program from a Designated Learning Institution
  • You must have applied for a work permit 180 days after completing your study program

Applicants applying for a PGWP from within Canada must have valid status while applying. So, if yours have already expired or is about to expire, you must first apply for status as a visitor.

Furthermore, if you are willing to work in Canada for full-time post-study while the application processes are underway, you can do so by applying for the program before your study permit expires. If you are outside Canada, you can also submit an application form.

How long is the process of getting a PGWP?

It can take up to 180 days for your PGWP to be processed. In the meantime, you can work in Canada if you apply before your student permit expires; you have 180 days from completing your study program requirement to apply for a PGWP.

You can also send your application for a PGWP from overseas if you finish your studies and choose to leave Canada. In the past, post-graduation work permit applications had to be submitted only while in Canada. However, if submitting the application from overseas, additional documentation may depend on the visa office processing the application.

How is a PGWP helpful?

The PGWP is designed to help international students like you transition into full-time open work permit and eventually gain permanent residency status. With assistance in bridging Canadian education with meaningful work experience, you can become well-positioned to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Express Entry immigration system.

This is because education and work experience from Canada gives Express Entry applicants an advantage by giving them valuable extra points toward their comprehensive ranking system score. This makes you more competitive when applying for permanent resident status.

What are the Requirements?

You must abide by the following criteria to apply for a PGWP in Canada.

  • You must have finished an academic, vocational, or professional training program that took at least 8 months from an eligible Designated Learning Institution List
  • You must be enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program
  • You must have been a full-time student in Canada during every academic session of the course of study completed
  • You must have received an official letter and transcript from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) confirming you have met all requirements to complete the study program
  • You must have graduated from a public institution of higher education, including a college, trade school, or technical school


A post-graduation work permit duration can vary from eight months to three years. It’s crucial to remember that a PGWP can only be issued for any course for up to three years. So, if you have studied part-time or accelerated your program, the PGWP will correspond with the required length of time required to complete the program if taken full-time. Therefore, start your application process today to aim for a better future.

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