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What is a web hosting?

by Steven Brown

Web Hosting

 A hosting provider is a company that provides you with data storage space on a permanently connected server. A host’s first mission is to make your digital content accessible to any web browser at any time, regardless of location.

Your hosting provider is different from other providers, both in the scope of services they can render and in their impact on the success of your digitization strategies. Therefore, choosing your Web Hosting in Karachi is a vital decision.

02. What are the services of a hosting provider?

In addition to the provision of a continuously connected storage space, the hosting provider guarantees 24/7 support to meet various needs:

  • domain name reservation;
  • the connection between the domain name and the web (basic service);
  • domain name transfer;
  • professional courier service;
  • management of your content (in particular via a CMS);
  • automated backup plan for your data;
  • security of your data;
  • protection against cyberattacks, spamming, and other threats;
  • SSL certificate (Google SEO criteria);
  • putting databases in the background;
  • statistical analysis concerning the activity around your site;
  • performance monitoring;
  • high availability of customer service (24/7 support);
  • technical assistance ;
  • monitoring.

03. Advantages and disadvantages of different types of hosting

Our definition of accommodation will only be complete with a quick overview of its other types.

Free hosting

It is a hosting financed by advertising impressions managed by your host. This is not reliable hosting or 100% secure hosting. Customer service and technical support are kept to a bare minimum. The site’s configuration is not accessible, the technical support is almost non-existent, and no scalability of the site is possible.

Shared Hosting

Several hosting accounts share the same server (a powerful computer with a large storage capacity). Shared sites share system resources, including bandwidth and storage disk.

Shared hosting is the most common form. Inexpensive and suitable for small professional sites, it has security flaws, storage limitations, and sometimes long loading times (Negative influence on UX and SEO; it is advisable to opt for a Web Hosting in Pakistan.

VDS Hosting (Virtual Dedicated Server)

Although shared VDS hosting providers share a server, accounts are separated into individual virtual systems. The virtual dedicated server offers greater storage capacity, optimized server reliability, integrated security, reliable infrastructure, a personalized backup plan, advanced technical support, and satisfactory availability. However, your accommodation budget will be more substantial.

Cloud Hosting

It is an improved version of shared hosting. Data and content are stored on clustered servers. Technical performance is improved, but security is only sometimes optimal unless you follow the recommendations of an advisor specializing in clouding security: you will enjoy the many advantages of the Cloud with complete peace of mind.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Your server is physical and individual. Thus, the bandwidth is for exclusive use. It is a secure, reliable, and fast download hosting. The cost is higher.

Other variants and hosting formulas exist (rental, managed server, etc.). However, whatever your preference, choosing the ideal host requires respecting particular criteria and determining your Web Hosting needs beforehand.

04. What are the criteria for choosing a hosting company?

Choosing your host according to an objective sourcing process allows you to optimize your hosting budget better. However, you should also know that the famous golden rule “the more you pay, the better you are served” does not always apply to accommodation.

By way of illustration, a generous pack in storage capacity may present security failures. Similarly, a secure and inexpensive host may better suit your CMS configuration.

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