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What Is Wrike Software? Why Its Best For 2023?

by Steven Brown
wrike software

Wrike software is an application for project management. It’s developed by Wrike, Inc., an American company with offices around the world. The company has a large feature set and a variety of integrations. Wrike Software  has an extensive user community and a reputation for being reliable and user-friendly.

Wrike Software Pricing

Pricing for Wrike software varies depending on the number of users and what their role is within an organization. While the basic Business Plus plan is inexpensive, there are several add-ons that offer key features for an additional fee. These include Wrike Integrate for custom integrations, Wrike Resource for staff allocation, and Wrike Publish for connecting to DAM systems. Wrike also offers two-way syncing with GitHub. The premium plans are available for larger organizations and include additional storage, two-factor authentication, and advanced features.

There are three tiers in pricing for Wrike: basic, professional, and business. The business tier includes features like Wrike Connector, which supports over 400 applications, and Wrike Resource, which is used to manage personnel and workloads. Wrike Publish also supports two-way sync with GitHub and Jiri, which makes it an ideal solution for development teams. There is no cost information available for Wrike’s final two tiers, but each of them caters to specific types of teams.

Pricing for Wrike software varies depending on the features you need and how many users are involved in a project. The free plan offers a sneak peek of the core features. Wrike also offers stellar customer support for all of its customers. Compared to competing project management solutions, Wrike is well-priced. It is also a good choice for small teams and solopreneurs.

Wrike is flexible and easy to use. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily create tasks, add dependencies, and manage your project. It also allows you to import data from Microsoft Project. It imports all the project elements, including dependencies. In addition, it connects with Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. The project management software also facilitates time tracking.

Pricing for Wrike software varies depending on the size of your organization. Wrike is a project management tool that offers numerous forms of document editing and time tracking. It supports traditional project management for individuals and companies, as well as specialist project management for creative and marketing initiatives. There are different plans available, so it is important to understand which one best fits your needs.

Important Features

Wrike is a task management tool available in web, desktop, and mobile applications. Its AI-recommended tasks and recent activity are displayed on your homepage. You can also set access points and pin items to make it easier to find tasks. You can also create workspaces for different teams. These workspaces will be updated by teammates who are managing tasks in them.

While Wrike has many features that make it easy to work with, it does have its drawbacks. It is not cheap and is not ideal for large workgroups. However, some workgroups may find it more affordable than other project management tools. In addition to its extensive functionality, Wrike does have a number of unique features that set it apart from the rest of the field. One of these is the document editor available in its cloud app.

Users can track time spent on tasks using the time tracking feature in Wrike. Time entry can be entered manually or automatically. The system records this information in a time log which is logged in a task activity stream. Users can assign different categories to each entry. Timesheets and milestones are also available in the software.

Another important feature of Wrike is its ability to consolidate work from multiple channels. It integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. This feature makes it easy to communicate with teammates and share information. It also allows users to see other team’s initiatives, which allows for collaboration.

Wrike is one of the most flexible project management solutions available. It is ideal for teams of any size. It is designed for both co-located and remote teams, and it has customizable templates for different kinds of teams. Wrike also has solutions for professional service organizations, IT teams, and product managers. With its numerous features, Wrike can accommodate any type of team. There is no reason to choose something else if you have a complex project management need.

Wrike allows users to track multiple projects in the same place, while providing process oversight. Its cloud-based software provides a centralized location where projects can be managed and shared. It supports Agile methodologies, Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists, and issue tracking. It is the perfect solution for projects with rapid changes.

Integrations with other Apps

Using a collaboration tool such as Wrike can streamline your work. It connects you to dozens of other applications and helps automate your workflow. With over 30 integrations to choose from, Wrike can be customized to meet your specific needs. With Wrike Integrate, you can connect to as many apps as you need, and add as many automations to Wrike as you want.

Bynder integrates with Wrike so that assets can be easily accessed by job status and metadata. This feature reduces the need for manual work by automating the process of uploading assets from Wrike. Bynder also organizes and distributes these assets to various channels.

Integrations with Wrike software make it easier to share project information with other stakeholders. Wrike’s reporting tools give you a comprehensive overview of project information. The platform has a powerful report writer that lets you quickly and easily create new reports. You can also refresh these reports whenever you need to. For example, the Project Risk Report allows you to assess all the projects you have in progress and predict whether they’ll be completed on time.

Wrike has integrations with other popular business applications. For example, Wrike for Gmail brings collaborative work management into your inbox. With this integration, you can create and assign tasks right from your inbox. You can also automate notifications to stakeholder email addresses. By combining these services with Wrike, you can create a more seamless workflow and improve your productivity.

Wrike offers two plans. The Business plan includes support for five to two hundred users. The Enterprise plan includes more advanced features, including a robust automation engine and custom fields. It also includes integrations with Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud. While the Business plan does not offer public pricing, the Enterprise plan offers advanced security and analytics.

Integrations with Wrike software include synchronization of information between multiple software programs. It allows you to manage tasks from multiple locations, including from different devices. The Wrike app can also be accessed from Gmail. It also allows you to attach files from your Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.

Reputation – Market Value

Wrike is a project management software that allows users to create, track, and share tasks. Almost every action you take within the software is documented, allowing you to see exactly what you’ve done at a glance. The software’s interface also allows you to comment on projects and tasks without having to open them.

The software works on a web browser, but you can also download it to your desktop for MacOS or Windows. It also has mobile applications for Android and iOS. If you need assistance, you can contact the support team through email. If you’d prefer to talk to someone on the phone, you can also submit a request through Wrike’s support website.

Another great feature of Wrike is its three-pane layout. This layout allows you to see all of the information you need on one screen, and provides a clear picture of how your project is progressing. You can view the entire project hierarchy and ask your team for updates at any time. Wrike also supports over 150 apps, and the software has an API for easy integration with them.

Wrike also has an excellent reputation in the market, with positive reviews from users. The software can help manage project workflows for small businesses and large companies alike. It is used by over two million people and more than 18,000 organizations. Its clients include Airbnb, TGI Fridays, Esurance, and Sotheby’s.


As for security, Wrike uses AES-256 encryption on data. However, only the Enterprise plan offers zero-knowledge security and two-factor authentication. This is a very basic security feature, but one that should never be hidden away. The software also has a comprehensive knowledge base, community forums, and a chat option.

Wrike is a project management software that enables businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. It allows multifunctional teams to complete their work in a single location and manage their projects from beginning to end. It enables teams to communicate with one another and track their progress in real-time. Its user-friendly features make it an excellent solution for both small and large businesses.

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