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What makes a good PXM practice?

by Roseruck Roseruck
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Merchants know that building a great product experience is critical to success in omnichannel digital commerce. Studies suggest that a compelling product experience can increase customer engagement, enhance brand reputation, and improve lead generation and customer retention. And the key to achieving this lies in leveraging various functions of a comprehensive PXM platform.

Therefore, an increasing number of business users have deployed or look inclined to adopt product experience management (PXM) software. But the software does not deliver the same result for all users. The difference is how they leverage it and what PXM practices they implement. Even if you choose the best software in the market, the result depends on how effectively you use it.

Users may often feel a little apprehensive with the lack of technical knowledge of what makes a good PXM practice. Product Experience Management software, be it Amaze PXM or any other, preloads countless features and functionalities that add to the users’ intricacy. This blog covers what it takes to ensure your PXM success.

Building an engaging product experience and mastering an eCommerce solution like Amaze PXM does not happen overnight. It is a journey that you must navigate carefully to pave the path to product experience excellence.

  • Customer-centric product content

Content drives sales in digital commerce. It is the universal language brands use to interact with their customers while selling their products over the internet. The cornerstone of any successful PXM practice is a good Product Information Management (PIM) solution that enables the creation of customer-centric content. The PIM you use should be able to collect, store, organize, standardize, enrich, and distribute product information efficiently and quickly.

You may expect your PIM solution to have rich product data onboarding features to automate and enrich product data to create multiple product catalogs and product pages. Robust quality controls are also crucial for your PIM system to enforce data quality and consistency across various touch points and channels where product data travels throughout the buying journey. Another must for effective PXM practices is to check if the PIM provides easy and fast integration with internal systems and sales and distribution channels to determine the smooth flow of product information within and outside the organization.

These features are the building blocks of a superb product experience that drives sales and increases eCommerce revenue. The good thing is that Amaze PIM software incorporates all this and much more to power businesses to author engaging, complete, and consistent product content that enhances the overall product experience.

  • Digital assets management is the game changer

A good PXM practice also entails making the most of your digital assets (DAs). If you are on the dark side of how to manage your digital assets effectively, you are hardly likely to create an engaging product experience. The key to managing digital assets efficient is Amaze Digital Asset Management (DAM).

Images, videos, infographs, audio clips, and other forms of DAs come into the mix when creating persuasive product content and visual brand story. They play an active role in not just describing products but enhancing the visual experience that, in turn, improves product and online shopping experience. Managing and handling these DAs require Digital Asset Management software like Amaze DAM at the core.

Amaze Digital Asset Management facilitates everything from loading DAs from different source systems to managing them in a concise library, linking them to the right products, and editing them for different publication needs. All this helps organizations create an engaging visual experience, which further results in excellent product and customer experience.

  • Speed to market is an absolute must

Speed to market is a necessary ingredient for the coveted product experience. Delayed syndication would be like missing the boat to the market. Since it may lead to losing potential customers and sales opportunities, your data syndication strategies must be right. It is the need of the hour in fast-paced digital commerce.

Coming to the solution, Amaze PXM comes loaded with powerful data syndication capabilities to help businesses build best-in-class product experiences. The software allows automated onboarding and syndication with easy and fast integration with 100s of eCommerce platforms and distribution channels. With it, you can introduce new products to the market at lightning speed.

The bottom line

Amaze Product Experience Management empowers merchants to deliver compelling product content. Enhanced content, robust digital asset management, and fast syndication make a good PXM practice, enabling brands to build experiences today’s customers demand.

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