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21 Best Places to Visit in Vizag (2023)

by Roseruck Roseruck

Are you seeking a coastal tourist spot to spend quality time on this vacation? Then, it’s time to add Vizag to your bucket list. As one of the oldest port cities in India, the destination is filled with serene landscapes, picturesque beaches, and temples with rich heritage pasts.

You can rent a car in Visakhapatnam to make your journey memorable and visit your favourite places per your preference and leisure.

Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Vizag

Here’s the list of 21 getaways in ‘paradise on earth’ you should bookmark for your next trip.

  1. Borra Caves

You can trek towards the Borra caves and the waterfall to experience the spectacular formation of rocks and ancient heritage elements. The Borra Caves are located in the Araku Valley in the Visakhapatnam district. The caves are a visual feast with their breathtaking steep topography, lovely scenery, semi-evergreen moist deciduous forests, and feral animals.

  1. Araku Valley

Araku valley is bestowed with the best boons of mother nature, including lush green gardens, waterfalls, and streams that elevate your senses and spirits. Are you a tourist seeking seclusion and tranquillity? Take the Vistadome train from Vizag at 6:50 AM while traversing the stunning terrain to arrive at Araku in about 5 hours.

  1. Yarda Beach

Yarda offers tourists a relaxing and dreamy atmosphere, while the golden sand adds beauty to the scenery. The beach paints a breathtaking picture, flanked on three sides by lush green hills and on its fourth side by the enormous Bay of Bengal.

  1. Rushikonda Beach

Rishikonda Beach is appropriately called the Jewel of the East Coast due to its pure and unaltered beauty. If you love water sports like surfing and skiing, make your next stop at Rushikonda Beach to experience a sense of adventure.

  1. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is spread across 652 acres and houses various species, including lions, panthers, elephants, and aquatic life. The park is one of Andhra Pradesh’s largest zoological parks and is nestled in the Kambalakonda Forest Reserve, encircled by the Eastern Ghats on three sides.

  1. Thotlakonda

Thotlakonda is another interesting place to hang out with your loved ones, where you can witness the sea’s beauty and pleasant weather with unveiled calmness. The 2,000-year-old Buddhist structure atop Thotlakonda Hill is its most notable feature.

  1. Submarine Museum

The Submarine Museum, located on RK Beach 6 km from Vizag Railway Station, is an Indian Navy submarine built in Russia that was converted into a museum in 2001. The Submarine Museum is a must-visit destination if you are a fan of vintage artefacts and preserved boats from World War II.

  1. Simhachalam Temple

Besides being a place of spiritual prominence with a 10-foot-long Varaha Narasimha idol, Simhachalam Temple also lets you enjoy ancient architectural beauty through the grandeur elephant idol and horse chariot. Simhachalam Temple is adorned with intricate stone carvings and designs.

  1. Dolphin Hill or Nose

Dolphin hill deserves a special time on your Vizag visit, where you can witness the magnificent coastlines and a glimpse of sunrise and sunset. This 174-meter-high granite headland resembles a dolphin’s nose. It appears intriguing due to the snout sticking out towards the Bay of Bengal.

  1. Kailasagiri

Kailasagiri is a popular hill station filled with beautiful hills and beaches, where you can experience unimaginable and breathtaking sights. The top attractions are Titanic Viewpoint, Floral Spot, Gliding Point, Jungle Trails, Shanti Ashram, and Shanku Chakra Nama.

  1. Katiki Falls

Katiki Falls is another worthy place to visit in Vizag, presenting a wonderful view of the waterfalls cascading from a vertical steep and the splendour of luxuriant foliage. The area is completely covered in luxuriant vegetation, and the trickling stream stands in sharp contrast to the dark and brown boulders it encounters.

  1. Bojjannakonda

Bojjannakonda caves will become your favourite spot in Vizag if you are an avid history buff of monolithic stupas and monasteries. The twin Buddhist monasteries of Bojjannakonda and neighbouring Lingalametta have a shared history denoting true artistic marvels.

  1. Ramakrishna Beach

You can stroll down the golden sand-filled shore of this must-visit beach in Vizag with your loved ones to unwind from the stress of your busy life. Numerous tourist attractions in the region surround the beach.

  1. VUDA Park

You can enjoy your time with your little ones at VUDA, enjoying the arena and a children’s park. The park is close to Ramakrishna Beach and is the perfect location for a late-night snack, especially for your kids.

  1. Tenneti Park

Tenneti Park is known for its classic statue of a golden-crowned sparrow. The place will keep you occupied all day with its calm sea waves. The park is situated on Jodugullapalem’s Beach Road and has a view of the Bay of Bengal.

  1. Bheemili Beach

Bheemili Beach boasts a beautiful scenic view if you are a nature enthusiast. Additionally, you can witness the majestic statues of Buddha, five Pandavas, and dinosaurs. This charming fishing village is situated at the meeting point of the Gosthani River and the Bay of Bengal.

  1. War Memorial

Visit Vizag’s Victory at Sea War Memorial to learn intriguing facts about the historical Indo-Pakistani battle of 1971. A perpetually burning fire honouring the Indian martyrs is present at the memorial.

  1. Gangavaram Beach

Gangavaram Beach is a must-see spot if you are a nature enthusiast wishing to unwind from stress under a bright blue sky. The beach is well-known for its picturesque beauty and the vibrant local cultures of the nearby settlements.

  1. Visakha Museum

If you are passionate about exploring history, you should visit Visakha Museum, displaying life-size portraits, posters, spears, armour, and other ancient weapons. Many people travel to the RK Beach Road location of the Visakha museum to view the historical riches and artwork of the Kalinga Andhra region.

  1. Sagar Nagar Beach

Sagar Nagar Beach is known for its picturesque sunset view and the perfect golden sand that makes for a relaxing, unforgettable experience.

  1. Rose Hill Church

Rose Hill Church, a religiously significant spot, is notable for its spectacular design. It is perfect to relish the splendour of the colourful sky. The church exudes a peaceful atmosphere and stunning architecture, providing nature lovers with never-ending views of the sun setting and rising.

Wrapping Up

Besides being a perfect tourist destination, Vizag is also one of the fastest-growing cities in India, where transportation may be a challenge. Therefore, if you are seeking to explore the city, ensure to opt for a Visakhapatnam taxi service that will allow you to conveniently experience the perfect mix of culture and nature away from the hustle and hassles of your modern-day life.

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