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3 Factors To Remember While Choosing The Perfect Body Jewelry

by Steven Brown
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Body art and piercing have been an age-old fascination for many people across the world.
This is a form of body art where a single-point piercing is done on different parts of the

A specially designed range of body piercing jewelry is also available for wearing within this
form of body art.

What Is Dermal Body Piercing?

We see common body piercings done on the ears and the nose. These are surface
piercings that have an entry and exit point.

Dermal piercings which are also considered a form of body art are different. It is a single
point of piercing in various parts of the body. In this process, the piercing is done
underneath the skin surface and allows the jewelry to sit on it.

Common Piercing Points

Dermal piercing is carried out in different parts of the body according to the choice of an
individual. These are often unique in their positions.

Here are a few popular choices.
 The tongue
 Eyebrows
 The navel
 Cape of the neck
 Abdomen
 Middle of the nose
 Eyelids
 Lips
 Nipples
 Thighs

The Jewelry

A wide range of attractive jewelry is available for dermal piercings. These are intricate
designs with beautiful use of stones in some.
The chosen metals used for dermal jewelry are gold, titanium, and niobium. Titanium and
steel are popular and preferred metals. In case of skin infections or allergic reactions to
these metals options in gold and niobium jewelry is also available.

Choosing The jewelry

Three factors one must keep in mind before selecting jewelry pieces are as follows.

 Always test it on your skin and ensure suitability. Never force the metal if the skin
shows cause irritation in any uncomfortable way.
 You should check to see if you can unscrew and remove the jewelry periodically. It
will allow you to clean the surface and let the skin breathe and heal in case of any
infection or irritation
 Easy-to-wear and remove jewelry designs will be preferable for wearing on a regular
or daily basis. These will be minimalistic in their designs and less interfering with
your daily routine.

Popular Jewelry Pieces

Nose rings, earrings, navel rings, belly button rings, and stone studs are the most popular
among others. The rings are also worn on the eyebrows, nipples, and chest.

Metallic studs are also placed on the tongue as dermal jewelry.

Stone studs have become increasingly popular in recent years and are mostly CZ diamonds.
Precious stones can be used only when advised especially in sensitive areas of the body.
Aftercare And Safeguards Proper care and maintenance of dermal piercing are important to prevent skin irritation
and infection. The jewelry needs to be safe on your skin. In case of any discomfort, consult
your body piercer artist and take adequate precautions.

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