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Best Weekend Getaway Tips for Families in Ibiza

by Steven Brown

For most people Ibiza is probably a party-central island and not connected with the family holidays. Though such a reputation has been strongly set in stone, Ibiza wears many hats. It might seem surprising, but along with the legendary parties, you will find a rich culture, picturesque countryside and various family activities on this beautiful Mediterranean island. 

In fact, Ibiza is also the perfect family-friendly destination to have a relaxing and fun-filled vacation with tons of daytime fun for the whole family. So, choose appropriate accommodation, find cheap car rental Ibiza and rush into your unforgettable family weekend.

There are a couple of ideas and a few tips on how to make your family Ibiza holidays truly wonderful. 

Choose the right time to have family weekend in Ibiza

To avoid the wild activity of clubbers, huge nightclubs and superstar DJs, keep away from Ibiza from the middle of June to the middle of September. Although the weather in Ibiza is the most pleasant from July to August, the remaining 10 months are also wonderful to visit the island family-style. The weather in Ibiza remains warm and dry all year round including the off-season.  Thus, in May and October you’ll meet pleasant temperatures around 20°C. During the period from November to April, the temperature is between 8 and 20 °C. In wintertime from December to February Ibiza will greet you with mild, sometimes rainy climate.

Where to go, what to see and what to do in Ibiza?

What kind of activity to choose in Ibiza depends on what kind of family you are and on the age of your kids. Ibiza offers a wide range of activities to have a great time. 

If you would like to have a full agenda of activities being on a vacation, then definitely pick family holidays in Ibiza. Here you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy exciting boat trips and see the island from the water or explore caves in the northern part of the island. If your family likes horses, choose the horse-riding excursion. The ideal pass-time for the evenings will be sampling local delicacies.

The area of the island includes plenty of cycling routes. Thus, you can rent bikes and choose your own route, having the possibility to stop wherever you want for a swim or to look around. Also, you can join a bicycle tour with a guide and learn many interesting facts about the island.

There are also many hiking trails, including different complexity grade routes. One of them is an easy walking route along the river in the Balearic Islands, which even includes visiting the old flour mill. For water sports fans there is also a wide variety of activities from stand-up paddle boarding, diving and canoeing to parasailing in the crystal-clear waters around the island.

You’ll be glad to know that there are many cheap car rentals on the island. To get acquainted with the island better you can rent a car Ibiza. Another way to explore Ibiza and learn all about this unique island is a jeep safari, which takes you off road and gives plenty of fun into the bargain. 

Find the best accommodation 

While traveling with your family, especially with children, it’s crucial to choose the right place to stay. Of course, the type of your accommodation will depend on your budget. However, Ibiza has an option for every wallet. 

The range of possible places to stay in Ibiza is the widest – from the relatively inexpensive hotels to the luxurious villas with plenty of bedrooms, huge outdoor area and private beach. But, of course, you can always choose something average. There are a variety of wonderful all-inclusive hotels on the island. The best family hotels are designed to make sure that every member of your family is having fun. Most hotels are only a few minutes from beaches, and mostly have swimming pools for adults, as well as for kids. In addition, the outdoor area of the hotels usually include wonderful playgrounds children adore. 

Weekends in Ibiza are perfect for both adults and kids

Along with being a great destination for children, Ibiza can easily make adults adore its beauty too. While your children are enjoying the sun, sea and sand, you can get pleasure from sampling local cuisine and Ibiza’s stunning wines, watching amazing and unforgettable sunsets. 

Ibiza’s eastern and northern coasts are right for you if you are looking for the best place to escape from the crowd. All the beaches are unique and different, so don’t be shy about exploring as many of them as possible. Look for the best variants of cars for rent and go for it.

Parents will be delighted to know that some beaches in Ibiza are smoke-free, so you won’t have to worry about the danger of passive smoking while your family is on holiday. One of such beaches in Ibiza is Platja de Santa Eularia in the Balearic Islands. 


Undoubtedly, relaxing beside the pool or hanging on the beach is a favorite kind of spending time for the majority of families. However, if you strive to get long lasting memories you should pick completely different activities. Ibiza is the right place to create the fondest memories of your perfect family weekend getaways.

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