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Boost sales productivity using the right CRM system

by Steven Brown

Are you looking for a right sales technology solution to increase your sales productivity?

Do you know an efficient CRM system can help you succeed in sales?


Your constant marketing tactics might have helped you attract customers, but it helped increase your lead generation only, not sales. The success mantra to be followed is to fortify healthy relationships with customers to increase sales.

To benefit from the growing opportunity, sales organizations must adopt best-in-class technology platform to ensure productivity across sales team. Leading companies have started adopting advanced CRM (customer relationship management) system, as a key driver of increased sales, relationships and cost efficiency.

An efficient CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the need of the hour for enterprises.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics 365 CRM provides growing enterprises powerful features and capabilities to manage business relationships and transform their sales. Here are few ways CRM can help you accelerate sales productivity.


The primary benefit of using CRM is that CRM automates menial tasks. This helps you save time and allows sales agents to focus on critical selling activities. Dynamics 365 CRM monitors status of each lead in your sales funnel and update the progress automatically, helping to save time.

CRM offers AI recommendations which helps your sales teams to efficiently perform sales calls. This means that sales agents require minimum preparation for the routine sales calls. Automation of administrative tasks with email templates to automatically send emails to customers gives your team time to focus on developing strong relationships with customers.

Efficiently manage your team

CRM is a blessing for sales managers, as it makes their life easy. It creates comprehensive visibility within their teams, provides insights into the whole sales job and how it is performed by each sales member. This helps to monitor and provide feedback and even coaching to improve the performance. By monitoring successful team members and their approach to sales, the best practice insights can be shared among rest of the team members.

CRM provides a real-time view of your sales pipeline such as any sales slowdowns or troubles or if your sales team won any major deal. This provides a exact picture of your sales.

Monitor sales trends

CRM allows you to stay competitive. Advanced CRM capabilities such as real-time insights, AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning can help you monitor customer buying trends, sales patterns, guide selling teams and empower sales managers with performance insights. This enable sales agents to contact potential leads with a proactive approach, helping to create better relationships and turn that prospects into customers.

By identifying customer buying patterns, you can increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Thus CRM gives an enormous sales opportunity.

Manage your sales pipeline

Advanced CRM system like Dynamics 365 supports lead nurturing. It helps you keep track of the lead progress in the sales pipeline. Using the data provided with CRM, sales attempts can be made to various stages of the pipeline to turn that leads into customers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration provides everything your sales teams need to target customers, allowing them to engage in a personalized manner.

CRM sales data can be used efficiently to design and deploy the best sales strategy. Dynamics 365 CRM provides insights into where the leads are lost in the sales pipeline and accordingly create a plan to keep hold of those leads, leading for sales opportunities.

Live updates with the cloud

Deploying Dynamics 365 in the cloud allows you to enjoy many Microsoft Cloud benefits such as the reduction on infrastructure and operational costs, receiving automatic real-time updates, analytics, AI, speed, agility and scale and more. Cloud deployment means you can quickly create and deploy applications and scale enormously. The information on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere on any device, means your sales team never miss on sales opportunities wherever they are.

Is Dynamics 365 CRM only useful for sales?

Dynamics 365 CRM support marketing, customer service and field service as well. Dynamics 365 comes with advanced tools for managing sales, marketing and customer service. The applications in the CRM are Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Sales. Though these apps can work as individual applications, they produce better results when combined together on a CRM platform.

CRM marketing, Sales, and customer service tools

Marketing tools

  • CRM marketing tools help marketing team to generate high-quality leads.
  • Automate tedious marketing jobs such as events, email campaigns, and other forms of marketing.
  • Offers greater visibility into customer journey from prospect to lead.
  • Marketing tools works in sync with Sales tools on CRM platform
  • Shares data and keeps everyone and ensure marketing and sales teams works with precise data
  • Better collaboration, higher conversion rates and superior customer engagement

The result is enhanced marketing ROI, and customer engagement

Sales tools

  • Sales and field agents, inside sales teams and sales managers can access sales tools
  • Reports and analytics to act on customer data and make improved sales decisions
  • Offer recommended insights to engage and develop better relationships with customers
  • Real-time insights, AI and machine learning to guide sales agents and sales managers
  • Provides better insights into sales pipeline

Customer Service tools

  • Allows customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Create comprehensive view of each customer with insights from customer interactions
  • Resolve customer cases quickly
  • AI and machine learning insights to improve customer service experience
  • Increase employee productivity

Buy Dynamics 365 CRM from experienced Microsoft Partners.

When you team up with experienced Microsoft CRM experts, they help you deploy the right Dynamics 365 CRM system for your business needs. They even help you with customization, integration with Microsoft productivity tools, support and training.

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