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Employment Law

Employment Law Firms have many and supposed to have quality Labour and Employment Lawyers who can handle a vast range of legal matters. They manage the cases arising from the employment. Labour and Employment Law is diverse and encompasses a wide range of issues surrounding employment.

The various disputes are false terminations, workplace harassment, unpaid salaries, un-paid end of service benefit, immigration issues, false job promises and many other things which come under Employment Disputes include matters like wages, hour claims, claims involving violations, breach of employment contracts, matters concerning the company’s policies, allegations of discrimination, violation of procedures and the list goes on.

Even when the employee is not offering the service then it means, Employer has also right to take legal action against employee. Poor Performance can be a reason to terminate the employees, as per Labour and Employment Law.      

Therefore, it can be said that Employment Law Firms and Lawyers specialized in UAE Labour Law, handle a great variety of work. Laboure and Employment Lawyers are experts and experienced in managing such legal cases.  They regularly deal with such issues. They are also in touch with the relevant authorities and courts. They have a clear idea about how laws and regulations are enforced. They can easily access its implications affecting the workplace. Thus, they have command over how things work out. 

An employment law attorney represents the employees and the employers involved in work-related conflicts and legal disputes. They spend their time and energy doing so. For this, they carry out detailed research. They will do in-depth work on the laws, regulations, codes, and statutes regarding employment. All this work is carried out to secure the best interest of the client.

They can represent employees, employers, or even both of them depending on the requirements of the case. Furthermore, they also analyze the laws and regulations according to the given scenario. This will assist them to serve the client’s objectives very well. On behalf of employment, a labor lawyer provides a valuable piece of advice on a vast variety of matters. They can represent the employer in several matters and some of which are mentioned below:

The employment law firms have lawyers who can help the employer in setting up fair and workable employment policies. They will establish favorable working policies that best suit the employee and the employer. They align the labor laws to their policies and procedures to ensure compliance. In addition, they make sure that

The procedures and policies comply with the current laws and rules concerning the labor force. They will ensure no violation takes place and that all policies and procedures are formulated following the rules and regulations.

Every employer designs policies and procedures, the main work is the execution. For better execution, they must ensure that communication is done. Once policies and procedures are made they should be communicated effectively for the application. The management, staff, employees, and others should be informed about it.

There is a possibility that the management or the employees are unable to implement the policies and procedures. For this, the labor lawyers will train them to do so. They will engage with the human resource on how to administer them. Once they are executed, fairness and just treatment are essential. The labor lawyers ensure that policies and procedures are applied evenly without ignoring anyone. It is applied fairly and justly to every individual in the company.

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