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How to Hire a Handyman in Dubai

by Steven Brown

When it comes to hiring a handyman in Dubai, there are several important factors to consider. You should make sure that the handyman you hire specializes in the kind of service that you require. While most handymen can provide a wide variety of services, some of them may specialize in one or a few services.


If you’re looking for a reliable handyman in Dubai, look no further. There are a number of companies to choose from including HMSD, MyGuy, MPL, Royal Standard UAE, and SK Handyman. All of these companies specialize in home maintenance services and can help you with everything from drain cleaning to water heater repairs. These professionals can also take care of wall painting, home renovation, and more.

Handyman services are particularly useful when you’re moving house, renovating, or making an addition to your home. They’re also ideal for when you need emergency repairs or odd jobs done. Whether you’re looking for a handyman in Dubai to tackle the task of installing a new bathroom sink, hanging pictures, or installing a television, these specialists are there to help.


If you are looking for a handyman in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. JCT Technical Services offers a variety of home maintenance services to residents of Dubai. A handyman can help you keep your home in tip-top shape and keep it looking its best. With their services, you’ll never have to worry about your home maintenance needs again.

Just Care offers a wide variety of handyman services, from assembling furniture to electrical repairs to fixing broken appliances. The team at Just Care is committed to providing customers with quality work and customer satisfaction. These services include carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and general maintenance.

Repair Plus

Repair Plus handyman in Dubai can help you with a range of issues. They specialize in plumbing and general electrical work and also offer house painting services. Their services are available round the clock. They are also environmentally friendly and contribute to the UAE’s sustainability initiatives. They also use water-based paint and composting technology.

Repair Plus handyman in Dubai offers a range of services for residential and commercial properties. Their highly trained staff are able to tackle a broad range of issues, from electrical to plumbing. The company also offers 24-hour emergency repair service. It is also possible to avail of annual maintenance packages and on-call repairs for commercial properties.

Handymen often learn their trade on the job. They are given on-site assignments that help them develop their skills and speed. Some handymen even work as interns to gain experience. State licensing is sometimes required for some handyman jobs. In addition to being skilled in their trade, handymen must have strong communication and technical skills.


McKleenz handyman service in Dubai is a trusted handyman service that provides a range of services for your home. They are available around the clock and have technicians on hand to take care of any home maintenance needs. The company also offers an application that enables on-demand booking. Read more on OctoPus.

McKleenz is a Canadian-managed company that has a presence in the UAE since 2009. The company offers a variety of home maintenance and cleaning services to residents. Its services are provided through a large fleet of vehicles and centralized stores. The company also offers annual maintenance services for your AC, plumbing and electrical systems.

MPL Professional Building Maintenance Service

MPL Professional Building Maintenance Service is a company based in Dubai. It provides a wide range of maintenance services, including plumbing, electrical work, and painting. It also provides emergency services. These handymen in Dubai offer residential and commercial handyman services. These services also include carpentry and landscaping.

They offer services round-the-clock and specialize in many areas of home improvement. Their handymen are highly qualified and experienced and specialize in everything from plumbing to general electrical work. They also offer house painting services and are available for emergency calls. They are a great choice for homeowners looking for a handyman in Dubai.

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